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Jacob Hutchinson 15/12/17 Social Media SociologySocial Media was initially created to offer a place for communication to occur over the internet. Instead, it has become a sea of cyberbullying, catfishing, and issues with body image. Over time, it has become more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes. (Fox) I chose this topic mainly because of the control it has on our society. We constantly witness young adults posting their food on Instagram. People can roam throughout a store looking down at their phone and bump into people. However, they will never say “excuse me” or any other saying. Social Media can negatively affect our society by allowing us to compare ourselves to other people on the internet. It is supposed to help each other connect but instead, it is influencing poor mental health on teenagers.When I was gathering my research, I was expecting to find different results based off of specific experiences that other people have gone through. Cyberbullying is the process of using the internet to send text and/or images intended to hurt or embarrass someone. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) Cyber Harassment is the same as Cyberbullying. However, the only difference is the age of the victim and perpetrator. As long as a minor, under 18 years of age, is involved, the legal definition states that it is Cyberbullying. Pew research has found that 39% of teenagers have experienced cyberbullying, while 15% were disturbed by having private messages posted online. (Ramasubbu) According to, there are two kinds of cyberbullies, the popular ones and those that are on the edge of society. They usually tend to bully because they want to feel powerful and to stay popular. (Ramasubbu) The National Council on Crime Prevention found that three out of four victims of cyberbullying have traced the identities of the perpetrators. Only 23% of victims have reported that they have been bullied by someone they do not know. (Ramasubbu)

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