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James E. Faust an
American lawyer, once wrote, “Cheating in school is a form of self-deception.
We go to school to learn. We cheat ourselves when we coast on the efforts and
scholarship of someone else.” Faust emphasizes that it does not matter if you
cheat; you are not going to be able to learn or to be proud of yourself. At
that time, cheaters do not have their own ability to do their own works; they
will be unable to do their assignments. Honesty is one of the most important
values in the world. There are many reasons why students like cheating: Get
good grades, avoid studying and win some recognition or awards.

To begin with, many
students sometimes feel distressed in their grades by their parents because
they may want a report every month of the school year. They will not have other
option that when they did not study there is only the option to copy. Another
good reason will be that the students may have done poorly in the semester, and
maybe they just need an -A or A to pass the semester. The students simply do
not want to study, and they are confident that someone will help them. Cheaters
works feel that they do not need to do anything to pass their exam, and all they
need to do is to wait for the grade. This can create many problems, even in
their personal life.

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Avoid studying are other
main reason causes of cheating. Sometimes students have felt overwhelmed by so
many homework or exams that students tend not to pay attention and that even if
the class ends; they do not ask the teacher. Could be the carelessness of
parents who do not care about children’s attendance, if they did not attend
class loses important assignments and practice. They did not ask for help and prefer
to ask everything for the day of the exam. Most of the students prefer to play
video games or stay on social media because they simply do not care about their

that, many students think about their future and what better would it be to win
some recognition or awards. Several students feel pressured by their parents to
make the family proud. When students put effort, and dedication they are
usually recognized with a diploma for the best students because want to show
everyone that they can grow as people with excellent grades and that they did
it for themselves even though if it is not by themselves. Students could be
able to get a scholarship or get into de Ivy League.

As a
result, there are lot effects of cheating; however, one of the most important
is that makes the students lose their responsibility. Cheaters do not need to
do anything to pass their finals or exams; all they just need to do is give it
to the teacher and then you will get your grade. In surveys
of high school students, the Josephson
Institute of Ethics, which advises schools on ethics education, has found that
about three-fifths admit to having cheated in the previous year, and about
four-fifths say their own ethics are above average. The Greek philosopher
Sophocles once said, “I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by
it is essential for everybody to be responsible and honest for everything. If
no one takes any responsibility for something, you will be not able to correct
in the future. Therefore, the mistakes will remain last forever.

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