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            In chapter
one, we are introduced to a few people. We are introduced to Sir Walter Elliot.
Sir Walter Elliot was at the beginning of the chapter. Sir Walter Elliot is a
widower, along with being a widower he has three daughters that go by the names
of Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary. In chapter two, Lady Russel comes up with a new
budget plan for the Elliott family. While doing that Sir Walter decided to
suggest that they just move to another area, an area that would be cheaper for
them. In chapter three and four, Anne decided to speak up and say something to
the conversation. At the same time, Sir Walter was saying all his objections.
Anne starts to blush as Captain impresses her. He impressed her by his allure.
In chapter five and six, Anne starts to have worries about Mrs. Clay. She just
has a weird feeling about her. Anne tries to warn Elizabeth about her worries,
but she just blows them off. The Crofts move into Anne’s old house and come to
visit Anne and Mary. Anne spends time with Mrs. Croft, but has more on her mind
about her visitor’s brother, Captain Wentworth. Mrs. Croft mentions her brother
is now-married state, Anne’s heart breaks. In chapters seven and eight, Captain
Wentworth arrives. Mary and Charles were excited to meet Captain but, their son
got injured badly and they choose to stay home with him instead. Anne starts to
marvel about how Wentworth feels about meeting her. Throughout the time, Anne
and Wentworth continue to cross paths. In chapters nine and ten, Wentworth
decided to hang around for a bit since it is more interesting to find his wife than
meeting his own brother’s bride. Anne has her own look on the situation but doesn’t
want to get stuck into the drama. In chapters eleven and twelve, Wentworth disappears
for a few days. When he finally arrived back, he explained that he was visiting
a friend of his. Anne and Henrietta went for a walk on the beach. All Henrietta
would talk about is her boyfriend. Charles wants to stay with his sister, so
Wentworth agrees to take Henrietta and Mary home. In chapter thirteen, Anne realizes
that Captain had been complimenting the way she handled Louisa’s dive into the





            Some of
the literary elements that I learned within the chapters that I read was foreshadowing
and theme. Starting with theme, Austen tried to make it more of a class hierarchy.
The class hierarchy at the beginning of the book is pushing toward what persuasion
is within the book. Persuasion is the beginning of what prevented the happiness
between Anne and Wentworth. Throughout the chapters many of the characters seem
to get persuaded to certain things, hint the word persuasion. Next, foreshadowing.
An example in the book would be Henrietta and Hayter.             From long time ago, they were together at one point but separated
and then were reunited again. This is showing that sometimes things happen for
a reason and you will be brought back together if it is meant to be. 

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