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Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Brontë and was written in 1847. The story is about a girl named Jane Eyre, who started out her life as an orphan. She lived with Mrs. Reed, her aunt, and her 3 very spoiled cousins at Gateshead. None of her family treated her well because she was left with no money from her parents, and Mrs. Reed and her cousins felt like Jane was not worthy of any love or respect. Her cousin, John, started an argument Jane over her reading a book, and he hit her with the book causing her an awful cut on her head; but poor Jane was the one who was punished. Jane is locked in the red room, which is where Mr. Reed had died in. Jane was frightened believing she had seen Mr. Reed’s ghost. She passes out. The doctor, Mr. Lloyd, is sent for to care for Jane. At the advice of Mr. Lloyd, Mrs. Reed agrees to send Jane away to an orphaned girls’ charity institution called Lowood School where she meets Miss Temple and Helen Burns. They become her friends. Miss Temple teaches Jane how to be a lady and how to be compassionate. The conditions at Lowood are deplorable with minimal food supplies and freezing rooms. The minister who ran the school, Mr. Brocklehurst, is a harsh man and believes that suffering builds character. Because of these cruelties, a typhus epidemic spreads through the school killing half of the students. Unfortunately, Helen Burns contracts the disease and dies in Jane’s arms. Following this awful tragedy, Mr. Brocklehurst is replaced and conditions improve considerably. Jane is a student at the school for six years rising to first in her class. She stays at Lowood for two more years as a teacher. When Miss Temple leaves the school to marry, Jane decides to advertise for a governess position. She is soon hired by Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper of Thornfield Estate, to become the governess of the young girl living at the estate. She accepts the position. While travelling to her new position, she runs into Bessie, who is a servant in Mrs. Reed’s house. She tells Jane that about seven years ago that a Mr. Eyre had come to see Mrs. Reed looking for Jane. Mrs. Reed was not friendly to him. Jane did not think any more of it and made her way to her new job. Jane begins her new position at Thornfield teaching a little French girl named Adele. The estate is run by the housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax. The estate is owned by a dark character name Mr. Rochester. Strange things happen in the house while Jane is there. All of these things are blamed on Grace Poole, the servant. As time goes by, Jane secretly starts falling in love with Mr. Rochester. There is a strange fire in Mr. Rochester’s bed, and Jane saves his life. Jane knows something is going on, but cannot find the answers. Mr. Rochester brings home this beautiful but cruel woman named Blanche Ingram. Jane believes that Mr. Rochester will ask Blanche to marry him, but he asks Jane to marry him. She says yes. On the day of the wedding, the ceremony is interrupted by a Mr. Mason, who tells the truth of what is going on. Mr. Rochester had married his Mr. Mason’s sister, Bertha. But not until after their marriage does Rochester find out that Bertha was mad. Rochester admits it all and introduces them to Bertha, who is roaming the halls like a wild animal. She is the one that set the bed on fire. This information is too much for Jane and decides to leave. She does not have a plan and leaves with no money or place to go. She is forced to sleep outdoors and beg for food. Three siblings named Mary, Diana, and St. johnRivers help her and nurse her back to health in their home called Moor House. St. John is a clergyman, and he finds Jane a job teaching at a charity school in Morton. St. John finds out that Jane had an uncle named John Eyre. He has left her 20,000 pounds. Also, she finds out that she is cousins with the Rivers through this uncle. Jane immediately decides to share her inheritance with her newfound relatives. St. John has decided to go to India for a mission trip, and he asks Jane to go with as his wife. She does not love him and will not marry him. She decides to return to Thornfield because she still loves Rochester. When she gets there, she finds out that Bertha has set fire to Thornfield, which has destroyed most of it. Plus, Rochester was blinded and lost one of his hands saving the servants. He now lives at Ferndean with two servants named John and Mary.At Ferndean, they soon marry. At the end of the book, Jane describes how she and Rochester has been married for ten wonderful years. Rochester has since gotten his sight back in one of his eyes and was able to see their first son born.

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