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Jinane Es-sabti Professor Ali Azeriah ENG 1301 0929 November 2017Technology  Nowadays, technology has achieved high levels of progress and it has been too much advanced. Technology plays an important role because it has facilitated many things in our daily life. The Cambridge Dictionary defines technology as “(the study and knowledge of) the practical, especially industrial, use of scientific discoveries: computer technology”. It is also known that human being benefit a lot from technology and aim to develop it more and more because it affects our routine. We cannot deny the fact that we always rely on technological means to survive and achieve a progress in our life. In this life nothing is perfect or ideal; everything can have its advantages and disadvantages. Technology affects our life positively without denying its negative aspects and impacts on the whole humanity. Also, it has created many obstacles that discourage human’s creativity, so it has positive and negative impacts on people. Thus, that is what it is going to be discussed in this essay.     No one can deny the fact that technology has positive impacts on people because it facilitates their lives in terms of the advances in communication and the ability to search for information easily. It helps us to communicate with other foreign people, know and discover other cultures and other people’s thoughts and mentalities in the other foreign countries. Technology advanced in many fields that serve humans and their needs, especially the advances in robotics. The advances in robotics reflect the high development in technology and generally robots are made to mainly serve humans. Robots, nowadays, are well-created under human’s criteria to behave, think, and exchange with others. Now, robots share the same abilities and capacities exactly like humans. They achieved high standard of intelligence “the artificial intelligence” that exceeds human’s natural intelligence and knowledge, so their capacities exceed too much the ones of humans. For example, the robot “Sophia” supports and illustrates what is it stated before. Weisberger said “the robot, created by Hanson Robotics (HR), has a pale-skinned face with features that are capable of being highly mobile and expressive and displaying a range of emotions” (2017, October 30). “Sophia” is the latest and most advanced female robot with human’s characteristics, she has feelings too and she wants also to make a family. Her mission is to help human beings to create the future of humanity and share what she has learned. Moreover, this robot can understand what you say and it has the ability to answer because its primary function is to talk, understand, help and teach humans. There is no doubt that technology has also negative impacts on people. The progress in technology in general can be an obstacle in the process of another field. Humans in general are used to rely on technology in their life which makes them lazy to come up with something by themselves. Also, it is the main cause of addiction, especially, in the teenager’s category. Indeed, students became lazy due to the overuse of all the technological means, so it affects their productivity and creativity negatively which leads to affect their studies. Furthermore, it doesn’t affect only their studies but also their health and their mental capacities and abilities to reach a high potential and high level of productivity. From my own perspective, technology has a huge impact on people negatively due to the overuse of it on their health because I personally suffer due to the misuse of it. Hosale said “straining your eyes looking at computer and device screens can cause people to need glasses much earlier in life.”(n.d.). Thus, this idea can be strongly supported by my personal experience. In the previous years, I overused the cell phone and the laptop and by the time its negative impacts affected my eyes; the view reduces, so I needed glasses. Consequently, it is an obstacle to reach a progress in improving student’s abilities and potential to attain a development and achieve an advance in another field relying on their mental capacities and their skills. As we discussed before about robots and their main function in their existence; their mission is to help humans to create a better world which is a positive aspect of what technology has been reached. On the other side, the advances in robotics can turn into a tragedy when it comes to the fact that robots in the future can destroy human’s world. They exceed us too much with the artificial intelligence and power so they will be able to lead and manipulate us. As a result, in a certain point in the development of technology, it will not serve us all the time it will turn into a danger for the whole humanity. Another negative aspect that influences people is that technology eliminates opportunities of job so we are facing unemployment; for example, using machines instead of using human capital in the production is considered the main causes of unemployment. It is stated in a website, “machinery creates unemployment simply because one machine can take the place of several men” (Advantages and Disadvantages of the Use of Machinery, 2015, August 14). Moreover, it is known that unemployment is considered as an obstacle to reach the economic growth. Therefore, technology causes unemployment and the lack of opportunities job which lead to suffer from poverty and the expansion of crimes. Furthermore, in the future it is more luckily to do not find jobs. Also, for developed cars, the person does not need any more to a driver because future’s car can drives by itself. Technology has created isolation, the lack of communication and creation of new friends due to spending too much time using technological means and ignoring all the factors of our real world. Hosale stated that “We isolate ourselves by walking around in our own little world, listening to our iPods or staring at the screen of the latest mobile device even when we are around other people.” (n.d.).  Concerning the psychological side, the negative impacts of technology is demonstrated in the lack of sleep that the person takes it as a bad habit due to the addiction to the use of technology every moment. To illustrate this idea, “We get sucked into online activities that keep us up too late and the constant stream of information can make it difficult to turn off our brains.” (Hosale, n.d.). Thus, this bad habit affects negatively our health and mainly our mental capacities.  To conclude, technology has both sides’ positive and negative impacts that affect people’s life in the present and in the future. First, it gives us many facilities and utilities to help us in our life. But on the opposite, relying on technological means will result on becoming lazy and cannot improve person’s mental capacities. It creates isolation and the lack of communication in the real life. Also, it causes unemployment which leads to the decrease in the economic growth. References Advantages and Disadvantages of the Use of Machinery. (2015, August 14). Retrieved  December 06, 2017, from and-disadvantages-of-the-use-of-machinery/1545.Hosale, S. (n.d.). 25 Negative Effects of Technology. Retrieved December 05, 2017, from, M. (2017, October 30). Lifelike ‘Sophia’ Robot Granted Citizenship to Saudi  Arabia. Retrieved December 06, 2017, from saudi-arabia-citizen-robot.html.

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