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Joseph Ashford   Mrs. Kleman    English 91   January 20, 2018    Five Reasons you shouldn’t Smoke    1.) Smoking Causes Death and Disease. There are 599 know additives in cigarettes when burned these additives produce over 4,000 chemicals (most of which are harmful). These chemicals cause diseases which a smoker is more likely to develop than a nonsmoker, these diseases include heart diseases, strokes, and cancers. Smoking causes more death than the following combined: HIV, Illegal drug use, Alcohol use, Motor vehicle injuries and Guns. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death: 6 million deaths worldwide from smoking-related diseases.    2.) Smoking Can Poison Loved Ones. SHS or second-hand smoking has the same effects of regular smoking which means you can get every disease a smoker gets just by being around them. “since 1964 approximately 2.5 million non-smokers have died due to exposure to cigarette smoke”. Smoking will cause loved ones to develop smoking-caused diseases.    3.) Smoking Destroys Your appearance. Nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing blood vessels which means smoking causes people age prematurely, this includes wrinkles, gray or white hairs, and less energy. Smoking makes you look older.  4.) Smoking is Expensive. Most smokers on average smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, on average a pack of cigarettes costs 5 dollars. “Smoking is expensive somebody who smokes a pack a day spends as much as 77 dollars a week which is 1,200 each”. Quitting smoking cigarettes is like giving yourself a pay raise. Smoking is an expensive and needless cost.    5.) Smoking is Addictive. Cigarettes contain an ingredient called nicotine, this ingredient causes a mental and physical need to smoke, it’s what makes cigarettes highly addictive. The effects of trying to quit smoking are too much for some people, the effects are feeling irritable, trouble thinking straight and feeling hungrier than usual. Smoking is addictive because of nicotine.          Sources:…/smoking/faq-20058153    

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