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       Just like every year every student of Dresden International School’s 10th grade had their own Personal Project. I myself had a hard time to chose my project. The problem which I had while chasing my project was, that I have several different interests, but not a single one which stands out clearly and would’ve mad it easier for me to chose my project. Therefore, I looked at several different possibilities, thought of different ideas and finally had a few conversations with different and asked them what they would advice me to chose a project. After careful consideration of the different ideas and interests I had, I decided to create a project which is connected to golf. My first thought was to organise golf training for children which attend Dresden International School. However, after short research into this topic I noticed that it would be nearly impossible to have this club due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of people at our school which play golf. Those who do play golf, already participate in different sport clubs and those who aren’t in a club either are better than me at playing golf or aren’t even interested in joining a club. Therefore, I decided to instead organise a golf tournament for students, not only from Dresden International School, but also other students who are part of the Golfclub Herzogswalde, in which I’m a member. The goal I set myself for this Personal Project is to organise a tournament which then will then work out without any too immense problems. The reason I chose this goal is that I have been playing golf for several years and have myself participated in many different tournaments over the past 5-10 years. This lead to me experiencing a large variety of different tournaments and wondering what it takes to organise a tournament and how it is done. In addition I have had thoughts about organising a tournament by myself, and lastly because it can and hopefully will help the golf club, in which I am a member, with a problem that it has been having since it opened. The problem is that the golf club I recently joined does not have a lot of members and therefore they do not have a lot of tournaments in the club especially for children. The golf tournament will help with this problem due to the fact that I will advertise for the golf club in different golf clubs and furthermore also get different players from different clubs. Furthermore, there aren’t as many students in DIS play golf. This is a problem for all of the member of the Golfclub  Herzogswalde due to the fact that I talked to a few members and they told that they would like to have more tournaments at the golf club. Furthermore there are rarely any tournaments which are also for children or exclusively for children. The problem is occurring at the Golfclub Herzogswalde and also in the Dresden International School. The cause of the problem is that the golf club isn’t very big, therefore there is a lack in money to organise tournaments. Furthermore there aren’t enough companies or organisations that pay for tournaments in the club as advertisement. The project that I have chosen is challenging because I have no previous knowledge or experience in being part of a tournament, let alone organising one al by myself. I have however, participated in many different tournaments which provides me with some understanding on how a tournament works. However, I am lacking any prior knowledge or experience on how to advertise a product or in this case a tournament. In addition I did not know what kind of advertisement to use, what emotions I was trying to create, et cetera. I also didn’t have any prior knowledge on how to find sponsors that I need for the tournament or how to organise the catering. These aspects all played a large part in me being challenged by this new project, but also me being proud of myself for being able to take on this challenge and trying my best to complete it. I was able to challenge my mind, by learning different new skills which would help me in my future, if I was planning to organise another project myself. The global context I chose for my project was “globalisation and sustainability”. The reason I chose this global context for my personal project is that both me and my supervisor both had  hard time choosing a global context. None of the global contexts really did fit to the project I had which made it hard to clearly chose one. The reason for that is that the goal if this tournament is not only to be a successful tournament, but to also find new players for the club, ensure that the tournament promotes the club that much that it can be sustainable by itself and make the profit it needs to survive. Furthermore, I was trying to achieve that the club I am attending can be more global, and thus have a bigger market by promoting the tournament. Due to the global context I focused a lot on the promoting process of the tournament organisation because this aligned with the goal I wanted with creating a sustainable and globalised golf club. Therefore a lot of my research was spend on the promoting process. The prior knowledge I had before the beginning of this project were a few Photoshop skills I had acquired over the years due to me using the software for school or for personal reasons and the knowledge I gained from participating in golf tournaments, which however didn’t really help me that much with my research, it only helped me with knowing what to research into. Research: The first research I conducted was research on how to gather the money I needed for  my tournament. The knowledge I gained was that in order to be able to finance a golf tournament there are a handful of tactics one can use. The knowledge I had gained was that it is crucial to at first get a clear understanding of who or what your audience of client is and their interests. This can be achieved by collecting information on their interests and hobbies, and what cause your audience is most likely to donate for. Advertising your product on different websites is essential and when actually gathering the money its good to stick to the classic methods. When gathering money it is important to make it clear what the money is for to ensure that people who are willing to donate clearly know where their money is going. Simple methods include: bake sales, car washs, parties, and raffles. However, the most effective way to gather money is by crowd funding. It is essential to make the donating process as easy as possible and mention that even small donations are helpful. The second research strand that I had was how to organise a tournament and the knowledge which I gained was, that it is essential to, at first determine what I am hoping to determine with my tournament. Then I should organise the date several months in advance and, don’t try to organise the tournament all by yourself instead find like minded people. When choosing the format of the tournament consider the budget that you have and then only organise a tournament which fits your budget. After you decided on that the advertising begins. The best way to advertise is to use social media or contacting people by using flyers and e-mails. What also works are posters you can hang up to advertise the project. The advertising of the tournament can be very time consuming you should therefore start several months prior. After you have a rough estimation of the amount of people attending contact the golf club and ensure that they can prepare. Find volunteers which have time is essential when advertising the tournament and I need to ensure that I am always contactable by potential players and people helping me. Lastly it is important to make the payment as simple as possible. Furthermore, what is important is to decide how much one is trying to raise and what the purpose is gonna be. Try to have a clear understanding of how many player you want to participate in your tournament. Decide a golf course and then always stay in contact with them. Finding sponsors is essential and it is best to find as many as possible. Therefore, it is very helpful to start early and to contact as many as possible. In addition give your sponsors a good reason to donate money to you, for example tell them you will advertise their company/product at the golf tournament. After the organisation and promotion of the golf tournament is over, you need to think of prizes. The quality of your prizes are very important to the event. Try to reserve the golf course several months in advance. The third research strand I had was on advertising the product itself. Examples of advertisement would include: Brochures, posters, flyers, online advertisement and several more. What is crucial when advertising is to present your product as good as possible. It always helps to chose a catchy title for your product so it will stick in your audiences head. Subtle advertisement on posters is essential and the advertisement for the tournament should be unique. An effective headline can achieve exactly that. A call of action on the advertisement is very effective. And don’t only inform the about the product encourage them to participate. Using exciting words in your headline always works. Making the sign time limited will encourage people to sign up immediately not say to themselves  that they will do it later. People don’t always like reading a poster so include a clear picture of the product your advertising and furthermore, include very clear contact information in your advertisement. My next research strand was the research I did on the software photoshop. My research mainly focused on the tools themselves and the knowledge I gained was that he software has several different tools which can be used. They are organised into the „Menu Bar” which is at the very top of the software and include „File, Image, Edit, and several different menus that grand you access to different commands, adjustments, etc. After that there is the “Options bar” which is bellow the menu bar and it shows different options of the tool I am currently working with. The next bar is the “Tools panel and it on the left side. It contains different tools for editing the images and creating different artworks. Tools which are similar are organised in groups next to each other making the usage of these tools clearer and simpler. In addition, you can access further tools by clicking and then holding on a tool in the bar. After that we have different panels that are located on the right side of the screen, these include colour, layers, properties and even further panels. These include a variety of controls to work with the images that you are trying to edit. The last window is the document window its in the centre of your screen and it displays the file won which you are currently working. Two examples of tools would be the zoom tool which, as its name does already tell you, allow you to zoom into the image on which you are currently working on. Another tool is the Hand tool which allows you to move your screen around if you zoomed into your image. Both are located in the tools bar. Furthermore it is very important to save your files while working on them, and if you have different photoshop tabs open ensure that you save all of them and not only the on you are currently working on. You can also easily change the size of the image by clicking on image and after that on Image size. Then you decide the dimensions and after that click on resample. When working with photoshop one of the most important things is to understand the different layers. The different layers have your images, tests or even objects which are the reason why there is another layer. These layers let you move, edit and also work with the content of a selected layer without affecting any other layers. The layers are organised in the Layers panel and can therefore also be changed in the panel. If you want to hide the content of a layer click on the eye icon left to the layer. This can be undone by doing the same thing again. Photoshop includes a large variety of different tools that aim to optimise your experience and result in editing a image. I also created a survey asking for volunteers and in that survey I found 6 students who are willing to help me with the tournament, 5 of them are available the entire day. My last research was a interview I had with Ms. Gensmann, who works in the marketing department of my school and who has participated in the organisation of several tournaments. The knowledge I gained was that she has been involved in the organisation of 13 tournaments and she normally stars planning the tournament a year earlier. The real organisation however, starts 8 months prior to the tournament. The weeks before the tournament are the busiest and they always to gain all of the money which they need to spend through sponsors. In most cases they make profit. However, the most difficult part of a tournament is to find enough sponsors to ensure that the school doesn’t loose money. The registration for the tournament is something i should be very careful about and I should give these students a fixed time until they can sign up, which is normally till two weeks before the tournament. For the catering I need to ensure that I make sure what food I really want to provide and if I want to provide food I will be required to get food from the restaurant in the tournament. I should include the price of the food in the starting fee. I need to find a clear goal for the money I raised and where I want to put it. I need to make it clear to the players where the money is going and therefore  should chose a clear and simple project. I should advertise by contacting players directly. This was all of the research I conducted for the tournament which I organised. The sources which I used for my research where mostly different websites and only at the end I had conducted the interview with Ms. Genssman. However, the interview was probably the most helpful source, due to the fact that it gave me information on each strand and even information I didn’t find while reading through different websites. Criteria: Taking Action: The product which I created is primarily a tournament, however due to the fact that the tournament is only in April I also created two flyers/handouts which also count as my final product. The steps which I did were at first contact the Golfclub Herzogswalde. I tried this per e-mail and I was answered very quickly. However,  the golf club answered me that they couldn’t tell me the immediate day yet and that they would contact me a few days later. However, after I waited for two weeks and didn’t get a respond i decided to talk to my trainer after my golf training on one of the Saturdays. After we had a short conversation regarding my tournament and my organisation of the tournament he told me that on April the 21st there is a free date and I could, if I wanted have my tournament on that date. It was the earliest date which I could have so I gladly accepted the offer and took the date. Due to the fact that I also wanted a digital proof of the date I contacted the golfclub again regarding when I could have my tournament. I decided to do this per e-mail so I always have the date with me and I would not have any problem contacting the golf club again. After that I contacted my volunteers and asked them if the date worked for them and none of my volunteers had a problem with the date that i had set. After that I contacted a few sponsors and asked them who would be willing to sponsor me and give me some money in exchange for me advertising them in the tournament, and I had already found two sponsors. In addition I had a short interview with my trainer asking him which prizes I should chose and asked him a few questions regarding the catering. He answered that I had to use the golf clubs restaurant for my catering, due to the fact that it was a rule of the golf club. In addition we decided that the prizes were gonna be bought in the golf clubs shop and that the tournament would count as a professional one and thus everyone is able to improve their handicap. We decided that the tournament would start at 10 in the morning due to the fact that it isn’t to late and  the tournament would therefore not be until the evening but also late enough that everyone can be on time. I myself however, need to be there 2 hours prior to the tournament, due to the fact that I need to set everything up and ensure that everything is ready for when the players arrive. I also need 2-3 volunteers who will arrive together with me at the golf club at around 8. I decided that the tournament will only be 9 holes and I need to send a list with the player that will participate in the tournament one week before the tournament starts. After the organisational part of the tournament was complete I went over to the adverting and creating two posters. I created two posters, one which would advertise my tournament. I will hang this up in the school to ensure that players who are interested in the tournament can participate and know about the tournament. I created the poster using my own skills and the software photoshop. Furthermore, the second poster isn’t really a poster but more a flyer in which I explain all of the rules to the players. Each player will receive one of the flyers before they start playing to clarify the rules and to prevent misunderstandings. The reason I created two posters as part of my product were primarily because it wasn’t as easy to show prove of a organised tournament until the tournament has occurred, however due to the fact that the earliest date for the tournament is the one I chose and that is in April I couldn’t show evidence of a completed tournament. Therefore I decide to use the advertisement, why I was going to have to do any way for my tournament, as one of the product for my personal project. In addition I needed one poster to advertise my product to potential players and potential sponsors, but I also needed to clarify the rules for the players and the simplest but most effective way is to create a small handout/flyer which i can actually give the player and not just show them.

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