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Karolina Blodgett
ENG – 122/Th/Wing
Journal 3/ Analysis
Dove Products Make Your Skin Smooth
The Dove Campaign from Spring of 2013 contains an illustrated ad which shows an image of two shower gel dispensers. One is wrapped in barbed wire labeled with the word “Harsher”, placed next to a Dove bottle which is surrounded by bath foam, described with the words “Deep Moisture” and “This is care”. The ad contains a headline which is stated as a question: “Doesn’t your skin deserve better?” Colors chosen for this ad are whites and blues that evoke cleanness and purity in the consumer. As a personal care company, the Dove ad unequivocally sells shower gel, but additionally in this illustration it implicitly sells the promise of beautiful skin, underlining the beauty concept of our society.

This particular ad has a very strong appeal to logos, giving the consumer reasoning to buy Dove shower gel. By describing the competitor as “Harsher”, the Dove ad amplifies that only with Dove, one is able to achieve smooth skin. Their claim is supported by the description of the Dove gel, with the words “Deep Moisture”, which stands in a very strong contrast to the word “Harsher”. The Headline “Doesn’t your skin deserve better?” is prompting the consumer to care better for his or her skin. With the description of “This is care”, the ad promotes the logical conclusion that only a Dove product can give you the desired result of smooth skin. It further recognizes that the consumer would not need to be concerned about harsh, uncomfortable skin.

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The company Dove was founded in1957, and has since established itself as a global institution, selling their products in more than 80 countries. Throughout these countries, consumers are familiar with the Dove products. Since its establishment, the company has earned credibility, producing trusted products, and with that adding to the appeals of ethos. Further the ad uses a very persuasive image of a barbed wire with the headline: “Doesn’t your skin deserve better?”.

As an appeal to pathos the ad shows scratches on the competitors barbered wired bottle, creating an emotional response in the consumer, where one can literally feel the discomfort. On the contrary to the Dove shower gel bottle, which is surrounded by foam, signaling relaxation, flawlessness, and purity. The headline undoubtedly provokes the consumer to answer it with: “Of course! My skin deserves better than to be painfully scratched by harsh barbed wire!” Additionally, the ad also answers the question for the consumer with the words “This is care”.
In conclusion, this illustration very effectively uses logos and pathos to persuade the consumer about the benefits of a Dove shower gel and ultimately initiates the consumer to buy the product. The headline “Doesn’t your skin deserve better?” together with the description of the Dove shower gel as “This is care” and “Deep Moisture”, is as an appeal for logos. Pathos is used in the image of the barbed wire and the contrasting bath foam, which is initiating the emotion in the consumer to purchase Dove products. Ethos is used in the commonly known fact that Dove is a globally known and operating company, which was founded half a century ago. The ad is overall very persuasive and effective, prompting the consumer to at least test for him/herself the benefits of a Dove shower gel.

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