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Karthik RammoorthyB00790749CSCI 5708January 28, 2018 First Application:
MindMate Link to application: Application Overview: The
MindMate is a health app that stimulates user’s cognitive abilities with
interactive games and it strives in empowering the lives of people suffering
from cognitive disorders such as memory failure, Dementia and Alzheimer’s
disease. MindMate app is available in Apple App Store, Android Play Store and PC
version. Reason for choosing
MindMate:·       MindMate app
is a free of cost, all-in-one and one of the best apps available in the market
for people with mental deficits.·       From my young
age, I have always wanted to help people with digital hands. Health apps like
MindMate act as online caretakers that help sick people self manage themselves
and regain confidence in their lives. Application Description:When
opening the app for the first time, the app requests for user details such as gender,
year of birth and the underlying health condition.The
application consists of two main tabs – Home and Activities. Activities tab
displays the lists of activities to be completed for the day and clicking on
the respective activity launches it. Home tab displays the list of activities
left for the day and different modules of functionalities that the app offers.The
different modules available are as follows,·       Games: Games
are categorized based on their cognitive stimulations such problem solving,
speed, memory and attention.·       Food:
MindMate recommends healthy as well as tasty foods and recipes based on the
underlying health condition.·       Workout: MindMate
suggests different workout regimes and tips that help user stay hale and
healthy.·       TV &
Music: The app displays several videos related to our settings as well variety
of music to keep us relaxed. There is provision to store liked items in
favorites list as well.·       Reminders: The
app offers provision for storing reminders, notes and to do lists where the
users could store important information and action reminders to be notified at
appropriate time.·       Research: It
is one of the salient features of the app where the users could also contribute
to MindMate’s extensive research program by registering and submitting their
findings.·       My Diary:
This feature act as personalized gallery where in pictures could be stored and
easily retrieved. Also, users could maintain their detailed profile
information.·       Program
Schedule: This feature displays the training calendar which shows daily
activity completion history. Technology Leverage: This
Glasgow-based app is an intersection of health research and technology. The app
employs several mobile features such as location, notifications, alarm clock
and visual aids such as camera in order to provide a full fetched care to the
users. There is progressive research going on this field to use other
innovative techniques to be used a well. “Buy in” for the user:·       There are
very few applications in the market that offer extensive support to people with
mental defects.·       MindMate is
backed by numerous research findings and it has brought smiles to thousands of
people’s lives.·       The app is
completely free. Pros:·       The UI is subtle
and easy to use.·       The initial
profile setup is simple.·       The app is a
bundle of broad functionalities such as 
user self management, cognitive stimulating games and videos. Cons:·       The app is
suitable only for early level and middle level Dementia patients. ·       Voice
recognition and biometric features could be employed Recommendations to
improve app functionality:It
does not provide innovative features like wearable devices like Apple watch
compatibility. We could analyze workout duration, sleep patterns and walking
distance through this Screenshots:                                 Fig
1: MindMate:
Home Tab                                               
      Fig 2: MindMate: Activities Ta First Heuristic
Evaluation: Visibility of System Status The
app has a clearly defined system status. For example, the app displays the
lists of activities to be performed for the day and it sends the notifications
for the same as well. When the user performs an activity, the app displays the
progress and the appropriate feedback is provided immediately after completing
the activity. After
the successful completion of the activity, the details are updated throughout
the system. The training calendar displays the updated user information. There
is also notification in the event of any reminders.  Second Heuristic
Evaluation: Match between system and real world MindMate,
being a mental health app aims to display information in simple and concise user
language rather than system defined terminology. Words of encouragement and
accomplishment are displayed often to encourage users. For example, the app
displays “Great job, Are you ready for next challenge?” on successful
completion of a game. The
questions and tips that appear during an activity consists of phrases and adjuncts
that are familiar to users. The sentence patterns are simple and logical rather
than complex. The app gives good importance to pictorial illustrations that are
synonymous with the text representation. Second Application: Transit Link to application: Application Overview: Transit
is a navigation app that provides users with vital real time data about different
modes of transportation available on a given location. This app is available in
Apple App Store and Android Play Store Reason for choosing Transit:·       When I landed
in Canada for the first time, I had hard time travelling to places using
Halifax public transit services. This Transit app proved handy to me in
providing shortest routes, buses available and their arrival times to
respective destinations. It has become a tool of necessity to me.·       This app is
free without any unwanted advertisements. Application Description:Some
of the functionalities offered by Transit app are as follows,·       Preference: Transit
app provides settings option to customize our experience in the app. Locations
could be predefined such as place of work and home and preferred modes of
transportation could be selected like ferry, bus and Uber services. By
providing all these details, Transit app optimizes the route recommendation and
makes travel way easier.·       Search Line
or Destination: User shall enter transit number and the app displays the
corresponding options such as Map view, Toggle, GO and Schedule. Schedule lists
all the departure times of that route for the day.·       GO is one of
the salient features of Transit app. By clicking GO on a particular route, Transit
app acts like a trip guide robot. It suggests departure time from our home to
catch the bus. It monitors user’s location during travel and voice/display
notifications are sent to user about the stop to get down and reach destination
in the shortest possible time.·       Trip Planner:
We could enter the origin of trip by manually entering or letting app detect
our location. Similarly, the destination could be given by two ways. We could
manually enter or choose the place on the map. The starting time of the journey
could also be given.·       Once this is
done, the Transit app displays a time graph with the different routes available
and their duration of the journey.·       Transit
partnering with CarShare Atlantic and Uber provides integrated options for our
journey like public transit services as well Uber options. Technology Leverage: Navigation
apps like Transit extensively use GPS service available in user’s mobiles to
detect location, speed, etc. Also, Transit boasts of a strong time and distance
algorithms evident from the shortest journey time suggestions. Therefore, by
combining GPS service with powerful algorithms, Transit app is able to
effectively guide users through powerful UI and Voice/text notifications. “Buy in” for the user:·       Very few
applications are able to give precise and effective journey recommendations
like Transit app.·       Transit app updates
any changes in transit data at real time.·       This
Canada-based app is completely free. Pros:·       The UI is
simple, interactive and pleasing to eyes.·       GO feature in
Transit is innovative and very useful.·       The app is
expanding rapidly partnering with new transit agencies.·       Transit app
occupies less mobile space in comparison with other transit apps like Moovit. Cons:·       Transit app
service is limited to twelve countries at present. ·       Location
input through voice input could be employed Recommendations to
improve app functionality:Public
transits tend to get disrupted due to events like Snow storms. Transit would
better serve the purpose of navigation if it could provide the users with the
routes to be avoided incase of snow warnings. Screenshots:                                                    Fig
1: Transit: Trip Planner                                               
             Fig 2: Transit: Home ScreenFirst Heuristic
Evaluation: Visibility of System Status The
app has effective system status. For example, when the user enters the source
and destination information, the Transit app provides instant route recommendations
stops and trip duration are displayed to the user and notifications are sent at
the end of the journey. The app also provides instant updates while the user
travels through different stops towards the destination. Second Heuristic
Evaluation: Match between system and real world Transit
app, being a public commute guide aims to display information in simple and
concise user language rather than system defined terminology. For example, the
app displays “Leave at 3:00 PM” message in order to catch the specific bus. The
app uses more action words rather than sentences in order to give crisp
information to the user. In addition to text, the app uses simple pictograms for
quick convey.   References: 1″
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