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Kids should most definitely get spoken to about drugs at and early age before they get to an age where drugs are more accessible. It is important for kids to know what drugs can leave a permanent effect on their life. Not only just kids but parents as well if your a parent and you do drugs, your kids will most likely end up doing them as well. Drugs are getting more accessible nowadays and are getting easier to get that means if kids want to experiment with drugs they will find a way to get them, not knowing what they are taking. If you end up catching your kid with drugs ask why he/she do them, as much as you want to yell at them try as much as you can to stay calm and take the narcotic away from them. If you yell at them it might make them depressed and keep doing what they are doing. Teachers, parents, Guardians should be watching more careful on what ur kid is doing like if they have 50 dollars and it’s gone the next day, maybe question where all the money went. also When the time comes in the school year when we talk about drugs as a class the period of time doesn’t last that long, 2-3 weeks maybe a month at the most, But its only 1 or 2 times a week, I think it should be more. Drugs period at school should start at grade 3 instead of grade 6. It is important for us to know about drugs early and longer so we have more knowledge on what to do when we encounter drugs.Not just learning about the different kind of drugs and how they make you feel, But learning about the long term effects is just as important. lastlyYou can start a conversation with your kid about how do you think drugs are gonna make you turn out to be when ur older. This will really get them thinking on what they want to be and how drugs are going to effect that. They will have a hard time finding a job if they are doing drugs, so just talk to them about the long term effects and how it will affect them. If kids end up trying a certain drug they are most likely going to get addicted, and depending on what drug it is it can lead to domestic violence, swearing, Not caring about self heath, Shoplifting and all kinds of stuff. An addiction is when a person tries a drug and likes how it makes them feel inside so they keep doing it for a long period of time.Addictions are no joke depending on how much you take it can lead to and overdose, Coma, Cancer and more. It’s not worth it, we should protect are kids against drugs so they don’t end up dead.

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