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King tells the story from limited omniscient point of view through a twelve-year-old boy who becomes mature through his experience of crossing the US – Canadian border. This makes the readers reflect the story and try to find the answers by themselves. Also, narration by a young boy gives the story a sense of an “innocent eye” perspective, even humorous. For instance, the two border guards are described coming out of their office as “swaying back and forth like two cowboys headed for a bar or a gunfight” (137). An adult probably won’t think like that, but in a child’s eyes, how they walk looks just that funny. Another example is during the second night, while the mother is telling traditional stories to her son, he is so hungry that all he can think is if Mel will bring them some hamburgers (144). On the other hand, he notices the woman in American border office who comes to talk to his mother that she has a gun, her gun is silver, there are “several chips in the wood handle,” and her name ‘Stella’ is “scratched into the metal butt” (138). Another place is the description of a media guy who is “good-looking”, “in a dark blue suit and an orange tie with little ducks on it” (145). Moreover, he starts thinking about “Pride” which is a good thing to have and someday he’d have it like his mother (142). This makes readers are really amazed by the way a young boy can observe things and become full-grown.

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