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Kureishi ‘ s first novel The Buddha of Suburbia(1990 )is structured in two different places , in South London ‘In the Suburbs’ and ‘In the City’. In the beginning of the novel Karim portrays the suburb where he was born and brought up, as dull and stifling; their inhabitants as narrow-minded, shallow and overly concerned with appearance and talks about his life in the suburb when he says that ” I is looking for trouble, any kind of movement, action and sexual interest I could find, because things were slow and heavy, in our family, I don’t know why. Quite frankly, it is all getting me down and I is. ” (Kureishi3).In these lines , Karim expresses his boredom to his life in the suburb and explains how he lacks any kind of interest or adventure .However ; the city, either London and New York , is described as a place filled with opportunity where everything can happen and dreams come true. Karim regards London completely opposite to the suburbs:
In bed before I went to sleep I fantasized about London and what I’d
do there when the city belonged to me. (…) There were kids dressed in
velvet cloaks who lived free lives; there were thousands of black people
everywhere, so I wouldn’t feel exposed; (…) there were parties where
girls and boys you didn’t know took you upstairs and fucked you; there
were all the drugs you could use ( Kureishi 121).

In London, Karim receives his new ‘education’ in the theatre world; also it is the place where he finds love. By distancing himself physically from London, he isolates himself from the stereotypes which life in Britain forces upon him. This detachment from home gives him space to discover new aspects of himself.

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