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Language is something we can’t live without. When we think about language, it can push our boundaries but also drive us in a negative direction, such as violence. Language and violence go hand in hand; they depend on each other. When there is a lack of language, there is no choice but to turn to violence. The lack of language allows the presence of violence to arrive, and promote bad behavior.In today’s society, we are blind to the fact that language is the biggest factor in violence. Everyone just wants to be heard,when voices are oppressed we become impatient and end up acting out. For example, women all over the world feel like they are stuck in relationships where they feel trapped. Where they can’t say or do anything about it, they fear that if they tell anyone it will become worse. Some women feel as if it is their fault, since they haven’t said anything to stop the violence.  Everyone should remember how Rihanna was caught in an abusive relationship between herself and ex, Chris Brown, their relations became far too heated at the Grammys in 2009. The horrific pictures went viral and changed the course of their careers forever. The number of women that are captured in abusive relationships is higher than ever. Women need to come together like they once did during the suffrage movements. The suffrage movements were beyond magnificent, women from all over the country came together to fight for what they knew was right. This last couple of years many women have come together for marches all over the US. This is a great start but we need to continue to look to the past to solve today’s problems.Another instance where the lack of language has led to violence is in school shootings. Nobel prize winner Toni Morrison once said, “Children have bitten their tongues off and use bullets instead to iterate the voice of speechlessness, of disabled and disabling language.” The importance of this quote is that it shows how children have begun to turn to violence before using their voices. Children would rather use violence instead of their own voices. This happens because of the learned behaviors the children see on the media and in other places.   One example of this is the Columbine High School massacre. This school shooting resulted in fifteen deaths, including the two shooters. Although this a very sad event that happened, we can learn from it. Maybe this event could have been prevented if someone noticed the warning signs, or the teachers reported the shooters aggressive attitude before the event.If people didn’t use their voices to be negative, but instead used compassion and encouraging words, the world would be a much better place.In conclusion because of the lack of language we can only learn from what we see, which happens to be violence. If people were taught how to use their voices,and the power language has; the world could change tremendously. Media need to stop glorifying war, conflicts,and hardships. “Language can never “pin down” slavery,genocide,war. Nor should it yearn for the arrogance to be able to do so. Its force, its felicity is in reach toward the ineffable.” People are selfish, they don’t want to change or accept the way violence is portrayed, because it makes them uncomfortable.

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