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companies are adopting sustainability more quickly than smaller companies
(Farver, 2013). Education is an essential tool for achieving sustainability.

People around the world recognize that current economic development trends are
not sustainable and that public awareness, education, and training are key to
moving society toward sustainability ( Although GHINS has not made
any sustainable efforts, education is another critical factor for the
company can consider in its CSR model. Basic education is widespread, but opportunities
for learning continue to elude many. There are still many people out there who
are illiterate. For example, India being one of the fastest developing
countries in the world with its diversified cultures, civilization, natural
resources and technology, is facing problems affecting its growth and
development. The problem India is trying to recover today is the decline in
quality worth education. This leads on to cause more socio-economic problems
such as unemployment, further promoting poverty.

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the article, The Education of Women in
India, Sanaa Unus believes that “despite government attempts at improving
education for all its citizens, India still has one of the lowest female
literacy rates in Asia. There are 330 million women above the age of 7 in
India. Today about 60 percent, or over 200 million, are illiterate” (Unus, The
Education of Women in India). Many children in rural India are the biggest and
the main victims of these problems because they live in villages with poor
facilities and conditions. They still do not have access to good schools and
quality worth education due to the high costs of school tuitions and fees. With
GHINS effort and challenge to promote education by setting up schools, and
funding educational development programs, the company will be placed in higher
ranking in the commercial insurance world. The company can implement a program
that will allow them to get funds available to those who need the money the
most. Doing so, insurance companies can earn a superior reputation in the
market and become a well-known insurance company worldwide. In the process of
helping the Indian community, GHINS will make a positive impact and gain new
exposure in a foreign market. 

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