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Lastly, on the other side of the argument, it could be argued
that the Nazi regime was popular amongst the Weimar Republic. Some historians
believe that Hitler was able to achieve popularity due some focal reasons. One
key factor as to why Hitler might have been able to enjoy his success was
because of his ability to speak out to the public, with the power to make
people support him. The Nazis benefitted from this. The great depression was a
focal factor that helped Hitler in gaining support. The event of 1929, the
great depression, Germany had faced a terrible economic depression during which
time the people lost trust in their government. Hitler had taken advantage of
this opportunity. After the first world war there was The Treaty of Versailles.
The Treaty of Versailles was designed to discipline Germany. The treaty also led
Germany into humiliation. They lost their land, military, respect, and a say in
world affairs. Germany became isolated, and to the German people, Hitler was
their ultimate saviour. In a matter of years, Hitler quickly rose to power and
boosted the economy. He had satisfied Germany, in the early years, and came to
power in a legal manner. This got Hitler his popularity and the public of
Germany supported the Nazi regime due to this. They were able to boost morale
and the economic depression that Germany was suffering, one way that this was
done was by helping people get employed which reduced the number of people who
were unemployed. Historian Richard J Evans wrote in ‘The Third Reich in History
and Memory’ that “Nazis won widespread if sometimes grudging approval, for
instance, by the reduction of unemployment of Germanys international prestige
and freedom of action”1 this implies that the Nazi’s were popular among the
Germans and they had many ways of gaining the approval of the public of
Germany, their strategies were working.

Hitler was also a good orator. This was probably Hitler’s
greatest quality that propelled him into the hearts of the people. Donations
into the Party Coffers came pouring in when he delivered an extemporaneous but
emotionally charged speech 16 October 1919. Hitler started to become more
popular and more people attended his speeches. Historian Alan Bullock has
written in his book ‘Hitler- A study in Tyranny’ “he succeeded in communicating
passion to his listeners, so that men groaned or hissed and women sobbed
involuntarily”2 This quotation shows that people enjoyed Hitler’s speeches
therefore agreeing with what he had to say. This unquestionably showed that
people liked Hitler and his regime. Richard J. Evans also wrote that the Nazi
regime was well liked and popular amongst the people of Germany. “‘The Third
Reich was not a dictatorship maintained by force’. Instead it was a popular
regime, sustained by the enthusiasm of the vast majority for its achievement”3
this shows that vast majority of the German population were submissive towards
Hitler without him even having to use force for them to do so, once again
highlighting Hitler’s popularity. “Postmen were meant to bark out a “Heil
Hitler” to customers before handing them their morning mail”4 and “school
children greeted their teachers every morning with ‘Heil Hitler'”5 these quotes
from the third Reich proves that the people of Germany would look up to Hitler
and praise him, this shows that he was in fact popular and respected.

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