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Lastly, the poorer of social skills also a negative effect of divorce to children. Social skills are the skills we use every day to interact and speak with people. Children of parent divorce have poorer interpersonal social skills than their peers. Gerald Patterson of the Oregon Social Learning Center (1985) concluded that “poor social skills, characterized by aversive or coercive interaction styles, lead directly to rejection by normal peers” (p.63-79). Social skills important to helps children to know what to say, make a right decisions and know how to behave in different social situations. Children should become skilled in social interactions that bring about changes in academic performance, behavior, social and involvement in the curriculum. However, children from distressed families like parental divorce, will be faced with emotional problems resulting from stress because of having a different life situation than before. Children will experience emotional disturbances and mental conflicts that can cause the occurrence of mental stress and the things that can threaten the teenager. The emotional aspect is a problem that often tackles teenagers because of the many challenges and obstacles that must be faced. Adolescence is said to be the epoch of various conflicts that cause mental stress to individuals. This is because a teenager likes to try something that is contrary to social norms of society. Individually stressed emotions will show symptoms such as aggressive, easily rebellious, uncontrollable anger, depression, and mental illness. In addition, emotional management should be taken by all individuals, especially teenagers to ensure those who experience stress can think positively and make informed decisions and avoid getting involved with social problems.

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