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Law Enforcement Using Social Media As An Investigative ToolSocial media has been a very effective investigative tool for law enforcement. As we know the way that we communicate with each other has changed drastically over the last few centuries. Because of this there is a lot of information online of illegal activity such as, trading, illegal selling, trafficking, ect. As our society is using online means, such as social media, to communicate more and more, our law enforcement is finding social media as a very effective tool for investigative purposes.Our law enforcement today have been using social media and are finding it to be a very good tool for communicating with the public and citizens. As stated by the United States Department of Justice (2013) “Departments also have begun to explore the use of social media to obtain information, especially for tactical purposes, such as gathering information about threats of mob violence, riots, or isolated criminal activity during otherwise lawful mass demonstrations” (Pg. 1) Law enforcement are able to better monitor criminals and possible criminal activity that takes place online through social media. Higher classes of law enforcement, such as the FBI, have made Specific Divisions to combat illegal online activity. Such as, the Federal Bureau Of Investigation Cyber Division. This Division fights network Intrusions, for example viruses, fraud and identity theft.                  LAW ENFORCEMENT USING SOCIAL MEDIA AS AN INVESTIGATIVE TOOL     2In conclusion, in society we are finding more ways to communicate online through various forms of social media rather than face to face interaction, which the police are also finding more means to use for investigative purposes and to gather information on convicted criminals, people with criminal pasts or possible criminal activity. These are just some examples of how law enforcement is doing that in our society.

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