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Seek Responsibility and Be Responsible For Your Actions
The Leadership Principle “Seek responsibility and be responsible for your actions,” is one of eleven leadership principles that was given to me as a marine as a way of guidance. The Marine Corps definition is: “For professional development, you must actively seek out challenging assignments. You must use initiative and sound judgment when trying to accomplish jobs that are not required by your grade. Seeking responsibilities also means that you take responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for all your unit does or fails to do. Regardless of the actions of your subordinates, the responsibility for decisions and their application falls on you. You must issue all orders in your name. Stick by your convictions and do what you think is right, but accept justified and constructive criticism. Never remove or demote a subordinate for a failure that is the result of your own mistake.” This leadership principle can be applied both to on and off duty in many ways as well as developed to If given a certain task during my place of duty I am expected to: Learn the duties of your immediate senior, and be prepared to accept the responsibilities of these duties. Seek different leadership positions that will give you experience in accepting responsibility in different fields. Take every opportunity that offers increased responsibility. Perform every act, large or small, to the best of your ability. Your reward will be increased opportunity to perform bigger and more important tasks. Stand up for what you think is right; have the courage of your convictions. Carefully evaluate a subordinate’s failure before taking action. Make sure the apparent shortcomings are not due to an error on your part. Consider the Marines that are available, salvage a Marine if possible, and replace a Marine when necessary. In the absence of orders, take the initiative to perform the actions you believe your senior would direct you to perform if he/she were present. These seven steps can be used to help develop such principles to complete what was assigned in order to ensure the success of the units mission. This principle isn’t only applied to the responsibilities of the unit but of myself, my peers, my subordinates and those above me. To take responsibility of ones actions promotes good judgement of decisions and allows me to get the job done no matter the situation. For example: “Myself and a marine under my charge was given the task of doing a full Inventory of gear given to me and instead of doing so. Rather than doing the whole inventory I told them to just skip through it and sign off on it saying it was all accounted for. The decision to skip through the gear checklist instead of being thorough led to the marine under me getting in trouble for missing gear.” The decisions of myself and of others negatively effects the mission of the Marine Corps by letting the marine get in trouble I wasn’t following the guidelines of the principle. By not owning up to my mistake I was not responsible for my actions which caused the failure of not only me but those around me. By seeking responsibility for my actions it can and will help me succeed in my career in the Marine Corps and any future life choices.
The leadership principal is applied to off duty with day to day life as a person and how others see me. When outside of the Marine Corps you are not sat down and given lessons over different principles of leadership but instead expected to learn and grow as a person of society. Lack of this leads to inability to be trusted to follow the Marine leadership principals outside of work and to carry myself as a representation of the Marine Corps and could affect my life on duty.
There are many ways to learn how to be more responsible like being more being more accountable.By practicing the use of the marine corps principals during off duty time I can achieve higher goals for myself and my family. As a marine my job is to be accountable for those around me and under my care and uphold the Marine Corps core values and standards. During my off duty time I am responsible for my spouse and child by taking care of them and bettering myself as a husband and father. The leadership principal doesn’t only coincide with my at home life but also with careers outside of the marine corps. Jobs outside of the military have applications of all eleven leadership principals but a big part of them revolve around being able to be take ownership of your actions and knowing that they can depend on who they are hiring and putting in charge of task. If a person can’t learn to take responsibility of his or her actions then that person would be fired for failure to meet the required principal of the given position. There are many ways to learn how to be more responsible like being more being more accountable. If your are pets are running loose, your spouse is being unreasonable you are always responsible for how you respond. Stop blaming others by blaming others and pointing fingers it only makes you less trustworthy and breaks down cohesion between friends and family. If you acknowledge what happened and admit your mistake and that you were wrong then you eliminate the need to make up silly excuses. Admitting you were wrong for your actions earns respect from those around you. Being willing to accept helpful advice from friends can make a huge difference in how you take being responsible. Seeking different ways to develop and refine my knowledge of knowing how to be more responsible for my own actions I can move forward. I can learn from my mistakes and use that to make not only help myself but everyone around me live a more responsible life.

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