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Leadership means to me being the example other use when faced with uncertainty. A true leader is someone who can be a standard others can use to face a situation and be a mentor to guide others thru difficult times. The main job of a leader is to make sure the job gets done but to also ensure everyone does their best in a given situation. Being a leader is not always an easy job and may not always be a fun one but it is a massively rewarding endeavor.
In 2017 I was part of the PDP program, during that time I inherited a team that had gone thru multiple supervisors with limited direction and guidance. After being with them less than 30 days I had managed to greatly increase their performance and to cause a major behavior change with in them. A true leader is someone who is able to influence, believe in and motivate those around you. Along this point there are 2 types of leaders those who lead by their attitude and those who lead by their knowledge. Ideally one would want to be both but far more often we see leaders who lack in one area of the other. To be the true go to person in a time of need and being able to explain things in a way that anyone can not only understand but that can be replicated is the true mark of great leader.
The main reason I want to be a future leader is that I see a great gap between leaders who have both the IQ of the issues related to the job and the EQ of those who have the ability to greatly motivate. A leader must be more than a cheerleader, or just an encyclopedia. The best leaders are the ones who can find the one are that motivates someone and speak to it. A great leader must also have the correct answers to questions that agents as nothing is more disheartening than having someone who greatly motivates you but is unable to help you in a time of need.
I have had to greatly change my own personal way of leading based on this. I have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of not only troubleshooting but in how to handle various situations above and beyond just taking phone calls. I would like to be a future leader to build up my times as an interm supervisor and help make this a Center of Excellence and make all those around me better

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