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Legislation serves a purpose and is essential in preventing
discrimination, victimisation and promoting equality and diversity as well as
inclusion. By having protected characteristics means that every person can be
treated fairly with dignity and respect.

There is a need for policies to be in place within our
company and this is because the service users who are being supported suffer
from autism, physical and mental disabilities. This means that under
legislation, these are protected characteristics thus all staff who support
service users must treat them with respect and dignity regardless of their age,
disability, gender, and so on. Within the wider community, it is imperative to
have such legislation in place as it allows for more equal opportunities in
terms of employment, integrating into society and being treated by everyone in
a manner of respect and dignity.

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When a job post is being advertised for our company, they
always ensure that they do not discriminate directly or indirectly against
people on any grounds. However for example if a service can only employ female
staff because the service users are female and require female-only support then
this is a service-specific requirement and can be advertised as such without
posing a risk discrimination.

Service leaders are responsible for ensuring all staff are
nominated to receive core and mandatory training in Equality and Diversity and
Inclusion. Therefore the company work in line with current legislation and all
workers are upholding work practices that meet current legislations.

By ensuring that all service users have access to services
they may require such as receiving advocate help, having easy-read information
relevant to them and receiving any advice they may need is essential at
promoting inclusion.

By having such laws like Disability Discrimination Act, Race
Relations Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Equality Act means that barriers are
discouraged from forming and a sense of respect and dignity is upheld within
the workplace and when supporting service users too. By having procedures such
as the Code of Conduct and Dignity in the Workplace also means that each and
every person will treat each other with respect and dignity at all times. Also,
by having procedures such as the Complaints and Grievances procedures in place
can give a sense of justification against discrimination and victimisation.
This is because the workplace recognises such prejudice and discrimination and
can penalise against it through disciplinary procedures because it is unlawful
to act against such laws.

By having the Equality Act works in favour of promoting
equal opportunities for the service users if they ever wanted to progress in
life and for example wanted to gain a qualification or even have access to services
within the community and even if they wanted to look for and get a job.

By having regular staff meetings means that any barriers can
be outlined then the team has an opportunity at working together to overcome
these issues. This can lead to working with third parties to expand the
multidisciplinary team and receive specialised help to overcome any barriers.

Within our company, we have a dedicated staff member who is
a Champion in Equality and Diversity and Inclusion. This is useful because in
each team, the chosen Champion will receive specialist further training in that
area – then once they receive the theory and training, they take this knowledge
and feed this back to the team – to improve current systems within the
workplace. This helps put the theory into practical work and ensure all
procedures are refreshed, updated with recent knowledge and working in line
with the law and serving to overcome barriers. 

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