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Lesson observation worksheet
Designed to help you get the most out of observing a class being taught.
Optional for your own use only.

Trainee name:Kawaljit KaurName of observer: Catherine Thomas
School: Baptist Rainbow Primary SchoolDate: 24-05-2018
Class observation questions (to be conducted during or shortly after class):
1. Class: Describe class dynamics, level briefly
No of students – 15
Level – Beginners
Age -6-7 years
2. Lesson aim/objective as stated or as inferred
To identify and describe the five senses.
3. Describe lead-in, explanations, teacher role at the beginning
First, teacher has shown the video of 5 senses on YouTube.
Teacher asked how many sense do you have? and review all the one by on with them

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Use of pair and group work? How, why, was it effective? Teacher monitor?
1.Tecaher gave small picture cards and word c
1. Worked in two groups (teacher assisting them )2. Match the picture with
5. Strategies employed to check understanding?
e.g. peer to peer, open questions, concept questions, quiz, written worksheet
1. Tecaher has prepared the app ” five sense s” . students worked infivaully and
6. Which basic skills were practiced in the lesson and where was the emphasis?
Reading, writing, speaking, listening
Post-lesson observation questions for reflection
Were less able/more able students supported? How?
What resources were used – was the material appropriate for age, level and interest? Homework set?
Pace, clarity, logical progression
Was there an appropriate pace to the lesson, was the teacher clear in explanations and giving instructions? Was there a logical progression between tasks?

Learning outcomes/effectiveness
Was the objective reached? How would you assess this? Did sts understand? Did they get plenty of practice time in class compared to teacher talking time?
Further observations – e.g. how might you improve the lesson

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