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                                                   Letter of Recommendation

It gives me incredible delight to compose this letter of recommendation for supporting Mr. Aditya Kumar application to pursue Master’s program in Computer Science from your esteemed university. Aditya had been a former employee in Data migration project at Ericsson. I Pepe Ortiz, as senior data migration architect has observed his work closely most recent two years where he was directly reporting to me as a senior software engineer.

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The most incredible quality of Aditya is his commitment towards his work and for the product, we were developing. There were many instances where he has given his effort more than what was expected from him. For instance, he usually extended his effort more than the usual working hours of our organization and also worked over many weekends just to make our product better. I have seen many instances where he has jumped in other’s module (developed by other developers) and fixed the issues before the assigned time, for which he has been well appreciated by our senior project manager. This shows his commitment was incredible and gives the senior team member a feeling that this resource is an asset to our organization. I feel that wherever he will be and whatever he will be doing, he will always be showing his outlandish dedication and commitment.

Other than his dedication towards works, I found Aditya as a technical expert in the field he was working like Java-J2EE, SQL-PLSQL, Pentaho, ETL, Lexer/Parser, Linux and Tomcat server. The quality of code which he has provided for our product was preposterous like the selection of best data structures in right places, using finest algorithm while implementing any use case and increasing the performance of tools etc. was commendable. His thirst for knowledge and learning new technology or product in short span of time is another quality of Aditya, which is going to help him to reach the top of the software industry field for example there were certain new technologies which we have introduced in this project like Camel workflow, CRM databases, and Hazelcast, where I found him learning it quickly and implementing it very well in our project which shows his another quality as a quick learner.

Another important quality of him which I would like to worth mentioning here is his debugging skills and customer handling. There were some instances where he has found the root cause of the bug by just reading the bug description or by just seeing the log files. His aggressive approach to handle the bugs really helped us to deliver the quality of software before the deadline. Also, His calm and cool nature to handling customer queries have given confidence to the customer for our organization.

I am sure that Aditya will be the asset to any team he wishes to join, and will prove this Excellency in any field with the help of all his qualities. Master program will definitely bring new heights in his career and open a wide spectrum to prove his skills. I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors.

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