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Letter of Evaluation for the Promotion Process of Dr. Mohtasam Samsam
Subject: Non-tenure Track Professor
Evaluator: Dr. Dewan S. Raja
Dear. Dr. Parks.
I am writing with my evaluation of Dr. Mohtasam Samsam’s for promotion. I know Dr. Samsam since 2002. He was my colleague at Saba University School of Medicine. I had many opportunities to observe his teaching in the gross anatomy laboratory demonstrations and in the anatomy lectures.
Teaching: Dr. Samsam is an effective, dedicated, skilled and valued teacher who understands the purpose of the curriculum. He changed and updated the UCF curriculum as necessary. Dr. Samsam is an MD., Ph.D. He is quite capable to teach multiple disciplines with clinical orientations. He is a hard-working student-focused teacher throughout his career. As an enthusiastic teacher, he employs a variety of teaching methodologies in his instructional program. Dr. Smsam is a motivated academic manager with creativity and problem-solving aptitudes. Dr. Samsam is resourceful, sincere, and an honest teacher. He is very adaptable and collaborates to teach effectively.
Scholarship: Dr. Samsam is a great researcher with sustained and productive record of scholarly activities. He has published articles in many peer-reviewed prestigious research journals. He is an accomplished grant writer. He published books and is an editor of a Neurology Journal
Services: Dr. Samsam was involved in multiple committees of Saba University School of Medicine. As a positive and a goal-oriented leader, he is also involved in many committees of UCF.
Summary: Dr. Samsam has developed a great reputation as an outstanding teacher and researcher. I think he is eligible for promotion to full professor (non-Tenure Track) within the College of Medicine at the University of Central Florida (UCF).


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