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Life is like a river with all its courses.
It is never stagnant and is always changing. It does not take one direction but
flows into different areas. The force that empowers these constant changes in life
is research. Imperial College London is known for its efficiency in research in
all aspects of life and I want to be part of the people that are able to
develop more research leading to an even greater change.

Being able to explore the way the human
body works and suggest new ways to impact on the science world is one of my major
reasons for choosing the undergraduate medical course at Imperial. I will be
able to carry out my research work efficiently as I prepare to specialize in
the field of Medicine. I believe this course will enable me to do my two favorite
things, research and impacting on people’s lives positively, through finding
solutions to different health issues and informing people of the new

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I have been spontaneously developing my
goal of one day studying the course of Medicine with my inquisitive nature. I
ponder at the uncanny resemblance between the wide array of species on this
planet brought about by inheritance and variation and this is what drives my
zeal. Our differences are what make each and every one of us unique. Bringing
individuals together from different backgrounds is what brings out the beauty
of diversification in the Imperial college institution. I am passionate about
finding out the science behind the human body and that of other animals through
learning about the chemicals in our bodies and the actions that take place to
bring about the diversity of individuals.

Certain abilities that I possess, such as my
ability to pay attention to little details and  to make strategic decisions has not only been
advantageous to my sporting activities of soccer and basketball but it has also
been an addition to my motivations for considering studying medicine.  I have continuously won various medals for
different competitions that I actively participated in due to my skill. I have
also participated in leadership activities such as the MUN that I attended in
March 2016 where I was able to develop public speaking skills which have helped
me to be able to express my ideas and opinions in a clear and distinctive

I have also been continuously engaging in
other extra-curricular activities such as developing a website with my English
teacher for sharing Poetry and learning French. I am very proud of these
achievements because they have helped me to learn new things, expand my
knowledge and acquire new skills. These activities that I engage in will serve
as a stepping stone for me as I progress to study medicine because I will have
to continuously learn new things and I have already developed a flare for that.

I decided to apply to the Kings Education
campus at Bournemouth because I believe that it is a place where I can explore
the world as it changes, the individuals empowering the change and the force
motivating the individuals and the change. I also believe it to be a place
where I can look into myself and discover my full potential with the help of
the conscientious faculty and other individuals from different parts of the
globe who are also developing themselves. 

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