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Lifestyle of the people of the democratic republic of the Congo.If you would like to know the exact location of the democratic republic of the Congo. According to If you are one those people who need to know the exact location of a country, well here it is. The exact location of the Congo is 4.0383° S, 21.7587° E. The square miles of the Congo is 905,000 Square miles. Another thing you should know about is our climate. According to The climate is hot and humid in the river basin and cool and dry in the southern highlands, with a cold, alpine climate in the Rwenzori Mountains. Near our river basins it is hot and humid most of the time. And up in our glorious Rwenzori Mountain it is chilly and dry like the desert. Another thing is that we love music. Outside Africa, most music from the Democratic Republic of Congo is called Soukous, which most accurately refers instead to a dance popular in the late 1960s. Clothing: Traditionally men and women in Congo wore clothes made of raffia. We have animals and we take care of them and they love their habitat. According to The Congo is inhabited not only by two distinct species of chimpanzee – the common chimpanzee. This is a little information on our animals habitat. The Ituri Forest in Northeastern DRC encompasses a huge swath of relatively intact tropical forest. It provides habitat to the largest known population of the eastern chimpanzee and the endemic okapi. The Ituri Forest also represents one of the last remaining strongholds for forest elephants in the DRC. I bet you’re wondering what type of animals do we have. The Congo Basin’s rivers, forests, savannas, and swamps teem with life. Many endangered species, including forest elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos and lowland and mountain gorillas live here. Next the environment issues are wildlife population and water pollution of the Congo. According Their wildlife troubles are from the people. We have good thing about the environment and our downsides. Poaching threatens wildlife populations; water pollution; deforestation. When we chop down trees our birds fly away. Let’s just say sometimes it’s the opposite of Hakuna matata. We have transportation more than animal transportation. According to The people of the Congo use cars and trucks and sometime buses and trains. They use the trains to trains to transport people more than goods. In conclusion the Congo is a very great place to visit and has lots to offer.

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