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Like many of us in this short life. We have lived through lies after lies and after more. Some years ago I been thought to believe that the Illuminati was associated with the Great Seal but was that really the case here? There are several questions we have to answer like who designed the Seal, what is the meaning of the symbol, and what is the seal used for? The design for the Great Seal is among one of the most iconic symbols of all time. It might be even more well known then the United States flag but who was the person behind this design? In the year July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress selected certain committees to make a design for the Great Seal. One of the first committees to be chosen to make a design was Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams. Well because each and one of them didn’t have experience in designing (Heraldry). They sought help from artist Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere. Each had different perspectives on what the design should be. Jefferson was really inspired by the holy bible and designed a picture representing the Israelites passage that showed them walking through clouds with a torch. Adams in the other hand was inspired by classical mythology. He proposed doing a design of Hercules because Hercules was a individual of pure righteousness. Franklin was also inspired by the holy bible. He based off the picture from the book of exodus. Where Moses was fleeing from his brother the pharaoh(Aaron) and Moses closing the red sea on his men. Ultimately the designs was not approved by congress . About three years later a second committee came into action. On March 25, 1780, James Lovell, John Morin Scott, and William Houston were asked the task to design a masterpiece for the Great Seal. Well like the other committees they sought help from artist Francis Hopkinson. Hopkinson is very well known because he designed the American flag and was the person that signed the Declaration of the Independence. He actually did most of the design. One of Hopkinsons first design was a shield with thirteen red stripes and white stripes with a figure holding an olive branch which signifies peace. His other design was about a warrior (Indian) holding a quiver. Later on it was changed to a armed male holding a sword. Unfortunately, once again was the design was not approved by congress. About two years later,a third committee came along. The people involved was John Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, and Elias Boudinot. Rutledge was later replaced for Arthur Lee. But all of the hard work was done by a young man William Barton. William Barton worked as a lawyer and was a numismatist in Philadelphia. He designed an eagle that was on a pillar in the shield. He also designed the pyramid. Barton designed a pyramid that contains thirteen steps with the eye in the middle. Overhead it said “Deo Favente” which means “With God favoring” and “Perennis” meaning Everlasting. He actually had a great design but like all the others. Congress again rejected the design. On June 13, 1782 was when congress gave the task to Charles Thomson. Congress gave him the three original designs submitted by the other committees to create the design. Thomson who was 53 years old at the time and a latin teacher teaching at a Philadelphia academy. Thomson took elements from the other designs to soon create the most iconic symbols of all. Thomson used Barton’s work for the eagle but modified it a bit. Instead of it being a normal eagle. He replaced the eagle with an American Bald Eagle. This time the bald eagle is holding a stack of thirteen arrows with his claw and also holding an olive branch. Overhead he used the thirteen stars Hopkinson used in his design. Thomson took inspiration from a book called “Elements of Heraldry”  by Antoine Pyron Du which talked about the significances of the colors on the shield the American Bald Eagle is holding. Also, a motto E Pluribus Unum which was taken from Benjamin Franklin which i didn’t mention was used on the scribe the eagle is holding on his beak. Thomson also kept the pyramid design of Barton but changed the mottos to “Annuit Coeptis” and “Novus Ordo”. Not until June 20, 1782 was the design accepted by congress and became the official symbol of the Great Seal. Even though the Great Seal symbol is well recognized. Many don’t comprehend the meaning of its symbol. The design of the Great Seal represents the power and authority of the government.   The Great Seal design symbolizes what the founding fathers believed in. They believed in the American people and wished success upon his people. Which was “Freedom and hope for the future for all Americans” and that’s exactly what the Great Seal defines. It wanted to depict that this nation was independent and the free pedestrians walking among this nation have goals within . It’s not just that though. The Great Seal design also has some fascinating artwork that might not mean much to the average individual. What precisely does the design of the American Bald Eagle and the pyramid mean? Well the eagle has many meanings. On the right talon of the Eagle. He is holding an Olive branch. The Olive branch symbolizes peace. Also in the design, the Eagle is holding 13 arrows that represent the power and capacity of the United States military. On top of the Eagles head there are 13 stars. Each one of those stars represent the first 13 colonies that were first created in America. Also the Eagle is holding a scribe on his beak. It reads ” From many(states),one nation. What it represents is that all the 13 original colonies united to make one nation. Last but definitely not. The shield the Eagle is holding is significantly important as all the others.The also has thirteen stripes similar to the thirteen stars above the eagles head. They both represent to the original 13 colonies first created in the United States. The shield has three main colors which are White, Red, and Blue.White meaning the purity and innocence. Red which signifies hardiness and valor. Finally blue meaning vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Each one of these colors have a meaning of their own. The pyramid also has its meaning like the American Bald Eagle. The pyramid is used as the national coat of arms. The pyramid symbolizes strength and duration. Above the pyramid it reads ” Annuit coeptis” which means ” He has favored our undertakings.” The pyramid almost has a similar significance to the stars above the American Bald Eagle head and the shield its holding. The pyramid has 13 stairs like the eagle has 13 stars above his head and like how the shield has 13 stripes. Both give homage to the first 13 colonies created here in the United States of America. Some people speculate that the eye in middle of the pyramid is actually gods eye. Like the United States flag. The Great Seal is very well known but don’t know why they use it. The design for the Great Seal is used to stamp important papers like official documents after the president signs. This design is also used on documents like military documents, embassy plancards, passports, and flags. The using of this symbol was first utilized for a treaty between presidents. Which at the time was George Washington. Washington and the British wanted better treatment of war prisoners. Starting from 1935 both the eagle and the pyramid had shown on the dollar bill. The symbol of the Great Seal has been used in many documents for more than 2000-3000 times a year. For about 234 years the department of the United States been using the symbol of the Great Seal. The design for the Great Seal is used in pretty much a lot of government documents. In conclusion, the Great Seal isn’t really associated with the Illuminati. It’s just some dumb conspiracy theory made by people that have too much time to spare. It’s just incredible how the Great Seal came to be. Committees after committees tried but didn’t succeed in making the design for the Great Seal. Till one man somehow did it but by taking elements from the other committees before him. Which technically isn’t his work but who blames him. He did something a lot of people wouldn’t even think of. “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” – Chris Grosser.

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