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Literary translation is the translation of prose, poetry,novels , shorts stories, fiction ,nonfiction and other literary works from source text to target text. This includes the translation of literature from ancient languages and modern fiction in order to reach a wider audience. This is exactly why the translation of literature it is very important;it is very useful in shaping our understanding of the world around us in many ways and it allows literature to be enjoyed by many people worldwide.
In order to translate a piece of work, the translator should be the first who reads, understands and interprets the source text . the main purposes of the translator are to translate the information but also to create an equivalent form of art in target text.
The literary translator must therefore possess a great knowledge of both the source text and target text language and culture , otherwise he would not be able to deliver or would simply translate incorrectly the piece.
One of the key challenges of literary translation is the need to balance staying faithful to the original work with the need to create something unique and distinctive that will evoke the same feelings and responses as the original. This can be particularly challenging when it comes to translating poetry.
Poems are written with incredible attention to detail. Not only are the words and phrases important, but the number of syllables and the entire rhythm of the completed work. It’s a challenging task to complete just in one language, let alone when trying to recreate a poet’s work during a translation.
Literary translators must challenge themselves when it comes to deliver a good translation in order for the readers to understand the writers’s message. They can not simply translate a piece word for word, because it would be boring for the reader to follow and the audience would be uninterested . In order to avoid that, the secret is to find the target text equivalence for aspects of the source text with a regard to style, genre , rhythm , connotations ,denotations , figurative language, irony ,slang etc. That’s why not everybody can translate a literary work, it requires great knowledge and a lot of skills.

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