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Literature review

2.1 Defining the niche

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Adolescence is the transitional
phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. The World
Health Organization (WHO) defines an adolescent as any person between ages 10
and 19. This age range falls within WHO’s definition of young people,
which refers to individuals between ages 10 and 24.

Adolescence is a time of experience
of an individual with particular wellbeing and formative needs and rights. It
is additionally an opportunity to create attitudes and knowledge, figure out
how to control feelings and connections, and gain traits and capacities that
will be essential for getting a charge out of the adolescent years and impending
mature roles.

All social orders perceive that
there is a contrast between being a juvenile and turning into a mature adult.
How this progress from youth to adulthood is characterized and perceived varies
amongst societies and after some time. In the past it has regularly been
moderately fast, and in a few social orders regardless it is. In numerous
nations, be that as it may, this is evolving.

Age is regularly more suitable
for surveying and contrasting organic changes (e.g. adolescence), which are
genuinely all inclusive, than the social advances, which differ more with the
socio-social condition. Age is an advantageous method to characterize
adolescence. In any case, it is just a single trademark that portrays this time
of growth.

As at 2015, the world boasts of
the largest population of young people in its history between the ages of 10
and 24. According to the United Nations Organization (UNO), adolescents are
estimated to be around 1.8 billion. This accounts for about 11 percent of the
world’s population .

2.2 Adolescents view on general reproductive

Adolescents are maybe the most
essential gathering
in a general public, and given their size and qualities, dominant part are
presented ahead of schedule to impromptu and unprotected sex prompting
undesirable pregnancy and now and then hazardous premature births. Larger part
of these youthful people are experiencing their developmental years with
almost no entrance to sexual and reproductive wellbeing services and information.
Subsequently, unintended pregnancy turns into a noteworthy test to the
conceptive strength of youthful grown-ups in creating nations. The expansion in
sexual action, early pregnancy, and actuated premature births among adolescents
and have turned out to be real worries in Sub-Saharan Africa and understanding
immature sexual conduct remains a test in the locale.

2.3 adolescent emergency contraceptive use

The results of unprotected sex,
for example, unintended pregnancy and dangerous foetus removal (abortion), can
be avoided by access to contraceptive administrations including emergency
contraception. Given the high predominance of immature pregnancy, creating
mediations went for lessening unintended juvenile pregnancy can possibly
majorly affect general wellbeing and one road for anticipation of undesirable
pregnancy is the emergency contraceptive pills.


Emergency contraceptive pills are
hormonal oral contraceptive pills that a lady can take inside 72 hours after
unprotected intercourse to diminish her danger of getting to be pregnant.
Although emergency contraceptive pill isn’t prescribed as a normal family
arranging strategy, it is a helpful technique after unprotected sex to lessen
the possibility of undesirable pregnancies. Emergency contraception is most
helpful when there is a disappointment of obstruction strategies, for example,
slippage and breakage of condoms or when sex was unpredicted.


Moreover, Parker announced that
numerous youthful females are at high danger of unintended pregnancy since they
have constrained information of contraception and by and large need access to
administrations or don’t feel great utilizing these administrations. Parker included
that by and large, adolescents’ entrance to and consciousness of normal
contraception are low, while familiarity with and access to emergency
contraceptive pills are even lower. Indeed, even where the idea of emer­gency
contraception is known, information of exact utilization of the technique is
extremely low.


Study did among college and post auxiliary
understudies in a few African nations found that while a quarter to seventy
five percent of youth had known about emergency contraception, precise
information about its utilization was minimal. Parker detailed that in an
investigation led by Arowojolu and Adekunle in Nigeria, 75 percent of
understudies studied knew about emergency contraception, however just 12
percent realized that the primary measurement of ECPs ought to be taken inside
72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Tamire et al, expressed that sufficient
learning and usage of emergency contraception are especially imperative in view
of high rates of adolescent pregnancy, which in such manner has been seen to be
high in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. In any case, these examinations concentrated on
adolescents with an instructive foundation or inside an instructive
establishment, notwithstanding the way that sexual exercises are wild among
adolescents paying little mind to their instructive foundation. This
investigation is a group construct examine that engaged with respect to the
female adolescents in totality regardless of the instructive or religion or
financial foundation. Besides, emergency contraceptive pills are utilized to
counteract pregnancy after unprotected sex dissimilar to the customary
strategies for contraception that are taken before sexual contact. This is of
foremost significance to the adolescents, since they have fondness for
dangerous unprotected sex, it is therefore that the examination intended to
survey the learning, mentality and use of emergency contraceptive pills among
female adolescents in Amassoma Community, Bayelsa State.

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