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Literature Review: Is the Resource-Based View of the Firm Useful to Supply Chain Managers?Literature ReviewSupply Chain management is undoubtedly the most prominent factor in the success of any project whether it is concerned with the adaptability of the resources in an organized way or not. Thus Resource-Based view comes into the scene, as this theory has been for a long time proved quintessential in supplying the appropriate amount of resources to determine how to cater competitive advantage for the supply chain managers and other departments of a project as well. According to XXX for an firm to achieve competitive advantage over their rivals it is certainly important for them to understand the need of the different types of resources required in order to overcome the resource which their rivals poses and thus will aid them to overcome their rivals in terms of ROI and market value.  As per XXX Resource-Based View is a tool to calculate the sustainable competitive advantage of a firm; as implied by XXX resources can be a determining factor for a firm to identify whether they poses all the essential resources such as; information, attributes, knowledge, firm assets and capabilities et cetera which all are very critical to implement sustainable performance of a firm. On the contrary as per XXX Resource-Based view certainly is not a sufficient tool to calculate the necessary measure or resources needed for the successful implementation of sustainable competitive advantage and in turn is definitely not applicable for the supply chain managers. While there are a lot of debate over the topic of usefulness of Resource-Based view for a firm it is evident that for any firm to perfectly execute their project resource management and knowledge is a key factor which can undoubtedly change the course of action of a firm if they possess just the right kind of resources in order to get ahead of their competitors. It is also advocated by XXX that Resource-Based View is the prime reason behind venturing out the importance of several internal factors which are now considered more advantageous in the field of accumulating resources and for gaining the competitive advantage for a firm rather than the conventional believes that only external factors are responsible for achieving competitive advantage by a firm. Thus Resource-Based view has certainly proved to be an impeccable tool in the field of determining the success factor of a firm and that of a certain project and all the departments involved in it such as production, manufacturing, marketing and supply chain management.Thus Resource-Based View and the Strategy are absolutely not the same things; as according to XXX Resource-Based view acts more kind of a tool to identify the necessary resources required by an firm or a specific department of the firm in order to achieve competitive advantage and on the other hand Strategy is a complete think tank which is designed to implement and execute a specific project for a firm. While, these two are not the same things as per XXX Resource-Based View proved to be exceptionally helpful in designing of a strategy for a project and thus it is certainly considered an added advantage by some of the scholars who think that Resource-Based view can provide the necessary means for the supply-chain managers to perform up to the mark.   Criticism of RBVWhile the Resource-Based view is defined as the most promising theory which has enabled the firms to grasp an understanding of all the important kind of resources a firm needs in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. These resources might be tangible, non-tangible, valuable and non-valuable, rare and possess the capability to arrange and align these resources in such a way so that the firm can take utmost advantage in their strategic management course. According to XXX, Resource-Based view while is an exceptionally well-balanced tool it does leaves some hinges open to criticize about which includes its definition of competitive advantage for a firm or the actual reasoning of the right resources and their value to the firm. All these aspects might bring about a critically important criticism which may open certain loose holds in the Resource-Based view theory. One of the major criticism on RBV was framed by XXX, in which he pointed out that by implying RBV all of the firms are considered as a mere profit-maximizing entity and that all the factors and existing theories of a firm are neglected according to the theory of RBV. This might be the reason that most of the firms who are not able to cycle their profits to the above average mark neglect the applicability of the Resource-Based view for their firm as they are afraid that it may undermine their firm in the market and that by implementing it they might attract unwanted competition into their firm which is definitely not a good cause. Thus the critic falls for the Resource-Based view as it treats every firm in a way which absolutely does not describe every firm’s activity.              

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