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Literature view of proposal

Our Client: Hungry Jack’s Parkmore Shopping
Centre Australia.

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Brief Introduction & background:

Hungry Jack’s is a part/franchise of the Burger King Corporation whose
first store was opened in Perth, on 18-04-1971. It is a fast-food chain for
beef, bacon and chicken burgers, Nuggets, Coffee as well as ice cream and soft
drinks. In the first ten years, Hungry Jack’s had 26 stores within three
states. And today it has total 390 stores in every state of Australia. Some of
them are company owned and some are franchised. In this Assessment we’ll discuss
about the customer’s reviews, dissatisfactions and problems facing at Hungry
Jack’s situated at Parkmore Shopping Centre, Cheltenham Rd & Kingsclere
Ave, Parkmore VIC 3131, Australia  (Hungry Jack’s – About Us, n.d.)

Type of Problems:

Dis-satisfaction of customers regarding food.

Customer’s dis-satisfaction regarding service.

Customers not getting the same food, what they had

Our Aim:

Analyzing the customer point of view about Hungry

Highlight customer’s main problem and find out the
suitable solution.

Our Research:

We have used primary data collection method in the
form of questionnaire survey and secondary data collection method in the form
of web search.

We also conducted a survey of 20 people.

We collected as much important information as we can
about customers dis-satisfaction related to Hunger Jack’s.



Survey- we didn’t get positive response from the people
in filling questionnaire forms.

Very less knowledge about Hungry Jack’s among 20
people from which we surveyed.

Limited time to survey.

Didn’t able to contact Hunger Jack’s Manager.

Customer’s Reviews/Problems:

In our survey we come to know that the majority of the customers who
visited to the Hungary Jack’s (Parkmore Shopping Centre, Cheltenham Rd &
Kingsclere Ave, Parkmore VIC 3131, Australia) are not satisfied with their
staff, service, and food presentation.

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