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Located halfway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, Kampong Thom is Cambodia’s second largest province in term of area. The Stung Sen River crossing the area giving it a peaceful atmosphere.General informationThe city of Kampong Thom is a technical step for all buses making the trip Phnom Penh – Siem Reap. The countryside surrounding the town is wonderful authenticity. Foreign investors came to install small ecological hotels for travelers to take the time to immerse in local life. Indeed, interesting formula for comfort sleeps and discovering the daily life of the Khmers is by walking or cycling through villages and countryside.What to see and do in Kampong Thom?Sambor Prei Kuk: It is more advisable to spend a night in Kampong Thom. It is an ideal base for visiting a set of best pre-Angkorian temples of art (7th century), Sambor Prei Kuk. The site is about 40km from Kampong Thom and once was the former capital of the kingdom of Chenla. Its architecture is different in style and in context of the Angkor temples.Phnom Santok: About 17km to the south of provincial town, Phnom Santok is the holiest mountain of the province consisting of four mountains. This place is home to numerous imposing Buddha statues carved from the large mountain stone. Travelers also can find Preah Bat Chann Tuk statue dating from the 16th century and many other magnificent sculptures made from the ancient rocks.Prasat Andet Temple in Prasat village, Sankor commune, Kampong Svay district. This temple is constructed since 7th century and dedicates to God Hirihara. The temple is built on separated hill with traditional Khmer style and heads to the East like other temple of Khmer.Prasat Kuhak Nokor is 79km from Kampong Thom provincial center and belongs to a complex off Wat Kuhak Nokor (Buddhist Pagoda) in Trodork Poung Village, Baray District. Constructed in 10th- 11th century, this complex has precious historical and architectural values.Sambo Prey Kuk is located in  Sambo village, Sambo commune, Prasat Sambo district and only 25 km from provincial centre. This historical and cultural site was once a religious center for worshiping Shiva deity.Wat Kampong Thom or Wat Indrisamavora in Kdei village, Preykahu commune, Stung Sen and very close to provincial centre. This can be ideal place for relaxing and give your soul place to relief in this holy site.Interestingly, only a few kilometers to the west of Kampong Thom city, tourists can take a boat on the Stung Sen River to explore the South part of Cambodia. Take an opportunity to spend a night with the locals in an authentic village or across the lake to the most impressive fishing villages and flooded forests near Kampong Chhnang.

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