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Long Shoe Horns

you don’t need to worry about bending over for wearing shoes. We made it easy
for you with the best long shoe horn. The long shoe horn is an ideal essential
for people who have limited mobility and backache. The 18-Inch shoe horn is
simple, sleek, lightweight and user-friendly. You can take the sturdy shoehorn
when you are traveling.

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Elegant Shoe Horn for Men

shoe horn is a gift each man would love to have. The classic shoe horn easily
slips the foot into the shoe comfortably without damaging heel and the shoes.
It is simple yet elegant and a perfect tool for putting up the boots. 


Length of the Shoe Horn

length of the shoehorn is 18 inches, but if you look at the curved part, it is
obvious that the length comes down to 16.5 inches.



shoe horn has a length of 18-Inch which make it an ideal tool. Whether you are
in a hurry or preparing yourself for a party, the perfect tool is an ideal
companion. It is high in quality and does not bend easily. The 18-Inch tool has
a hook through which you can hold the horn with perfect grip while the lower
side is matching exactly the shape of the heel. Long handle enables easy to use
by people under medical or general circumstances. The sleek plastic material used
for this shoe horn gives this an alluring look.


Long Lasting and Durable

the shoe horn from getting a tear or crack – by simply clean it with soapy
water, dry the horn with a dry cloth. Shoehorn is exceptionally durable and
sturdy, they are reliable and can last long if properly cared.


How to Use

is effortless to use. To put shoes on, start by loosening the lace, insert your
foot inside the shoe with the help of shoehorn. Place the shoehorn in the heel
of the shoe, place your foot inside, slip it right in. Press your heel against
the curved part and press down. Remove your shoehorn. Long shoe horns are great
if you are having back, hip or joint pain. You can sit down or stand while
wearing the shoes using a shoehorn.


Hang for Storage

elegant shoe horn comes with a hole. You can easily hang the shoe horn for

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