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Louis pasteur was known for his invention of pasteurization. Using this, we can now pasteurized our milk. We have the ability to sit down at a table with a cup of milk and a pack of cookies and not have to worry about is the milk safe to drink. Louis pasteur was born on December 27,1822. He was born at Dole,France. In his childhood, he like to draw and paint. As in fr school,  he was an average kid in an average school.Louis pasteur was a great scientist who work in the field of science! He was a microbiologist, meaning that he worked with bacteria and stuff like that! He often worked in his home land Dole,France. He was very great at what he did in his  work and without him we would not even have some of the vaccinations we have in America today. He discovered that there was a way to treat fowl cholera,anthrax,and even more like Rabies! He was the one that found out what created sicnis in  certain way! He found out that certain microorganisms can create disease no one knew how to cure yet!  He then created vaccinations in his laboratory! He created the vaccination and cure those types of diseases.Without Louis we would had to wait until another smart scientist figured it all out and that could be a long time to figure that stuff out. I think that Louis was very smart and a great inventor to everyone. Without him i would have to treat my milk before drinking it and there’s no telling what type of stuff is in the milk. We would not have a very great time at that! As for the vaccinations it is a good thing he figured it out , bit on the other side, with today’s science we could have figured it out do that is also good! I mean it was all him and he didn’t have much help at his inventions! He helped the world a lot with his discoveries in so many ways he doesn’t even know!During his life he had 5 children. 4 were girls and and as for the 5 child,it was a boy! Louis spouse was  a sweet woman and she was known as Marie Pasteur! Together they there 5 children who were nice and were disiplined. There names were Jean Baptiste pasteur (son), Cecile pasteur (daughter), Camlie pasteur (duaghter), Marie Louise  pasteur (daughter), Jeanne  pasteur (daughter). They grew up to be very sweet and kind .Louis pasteur was a great inventor and often had many quotes ion his life time that people find very interesting. Many of his qotes help many people in there everyday life.  My favoritw one is “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.”

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