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Lucas the Man from a Galaxy Far Far Away!


once said, “The secret to film is that it’s an illusion” (qtd in Meah). Lucas one
of the most famous directors of all time and the living reason for the rating
PG-13. Has countlessly been able to distort our senses and get us to fall into
his trap. He takes us on fun and thrilling rides as he creates a story, so
intriguing and home to heart that it pulls us in making us want more and more.
For example, the high fantasy movie Star Wars Revenge of the Sith (2005) s
story of how love blinds us from the truths; Anakin Skywalker (Hayden
Christensen) is blinded by the love he has for his wife. That he is willing to
risk it all and kill hundreds of people to save her. Lucas finally completes
the story of how Darth Vader came to be and shocked the entire world into
wanting more. Lucas is able to exploit the very needs and wants of our brain
with his choice in Mise en Scene, Photography, Acting, and Dramatization.

movie starts off with the classic outer space battle that Star Wars is known
for. As Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden
Christensen) fly out to save Chancellor Palpatine’s (Ian McDiarmid) life. Once
back in the republic Skywalker starts to have dreams and visions about his wife
Padme (Natalie Portman) dying. He starts looking for answers on how to save her
but is told not to let his emotions get the best of him by the great Master
Yoda (Frank Oz). Skywalker is later appointed to the Jedi Council, but is
denied becoming a Jedi master creating conflict that the Chancellor picks; as
he stars tempting Skywalker to the dark side. Finally, it is revealed to
Skywalker that the Chancellor is a Sith, and he turns him in, but the words of
the Chancellor eat at Skywalker’s soul. Knowing that he will be able to save
his wife if he joins him. Skywalker Joins the Chancellor and says he will do
anything as long as the save Padme, he then becomes the powerful Lord Vader. As
they convince the republic that the Jedi Council was trying to overthrow the
republic and take over, the Chancellor or Sith Lord all the sudden gains full
power over the Republic. This is when the movie gets its name “Revenge of the
Sith”. Skywalker now sets out on a quest to kill every living Jedi so that no
more “harm” can be done to the republic. He goes to the Jedi Temple to kill all
the children Jedi to kill them all. He becomes so empowered with the Dark Side
that he goes mad no longer understanding what he stands for or who he loves. In
the famous last fight scene, as Padme and Kenobi find Anakin, Anakin gets mad
because he believes Padme Brought Kenobi to kill him. He starts to Force Choke
Padme. This is where Kenobi makes his entrance to intervein to save Padme. A
fight breaks out between Kenobi and Skywalker, as they run and fight around the
lava Kenobi is finally able to get the best of Skywalker Pushing him off into
the lava. Thinking that he has killed Skywalker he leaves him. However, we
later see him being taken away. This is how the movie contents to the rest of
the saga because it shows us how Darth Vader gets the life-sustaining suit.

Mise en Sence

en scene is one of the most important factors in a movie. It ultimately tells
us how to feel about the actions and events in the movie. George Lucas shows us
his dark side and as Ravalli explains, that Lucas started showing things in a
darker perspective after his divorce it started to affect the movies that he
wrote and produced (pp. 694). Lucas uses his own personal darkness as
inspiration in the scene. This darkness plays a huge role in this mise en scene,
as the scene stars we are instantly introduced the darkness of the scene and
are made aware of the stakes at hand.

seems to be something horrible happens right before our eyes. Padme even though
her husband has converted to the dark side, still loves him, coming to his
rescue hoping he will change. However, Skywalker does not accept what she is
doing and instead thinks that she has brought Obi Won Konbi to kill him.

Skywalker begins to force choke Padme Konbi walks out of the spaceship, telling
Skywalker to stop. As he throws her to the ground we see the lava and coming
doom of Skywalker. This is the turning point in the movie of where we finally
begin to understand what all has happened. We also pick sides with the Jedi due
to the violence that has transpired against innocent people. It was written in
almost as a “this is the last straw” scene. We finally give up on Skywalker and
are completely ok with his demise.

Mise en scene captures the whole concept of the movie showing us what we
thought was good was indeed wrong. That even though the dark may at times seem
good, it is never the right choice. Lucas used his own darkness and hatred to
show that we need control in our lives. That we cannot just rely on our basic
intuition. This is what happened to Skywalker and it created his own Hell.

well this mise en scene sets the tone for the prequels. We know that he will
live, but that he will be greatly injured causing him to need a life-sustaining
suit, so he can fight and breath. Lucas uses this scene to his advantage to
play into the other movies we know that Konbi is not going to stop until
Skywalker is dead; so instead of Konbi Killing him, he is pushed into the lava.
Helping and supporting the plot of the other movies.

mise en scene was so important that it helped us understand the entire saga.
Creating a tension between two characters that have never been seen before in
cinematography. It as well truly helps us the audience understand why we most
trust in the Jedi for the rest of the story and makes us a third character in
the movie. Lucas exploits the very nature of our minds to get us addicted to
the entire saga with this one scene.


plays a huge role in all films, but more so in films that are high fantasy.
Because they must create a whole new world. Create character, creature, and
other things that have never before been imagined. Lucas created not only one
whole world, but a who universe. He used a verity of different techniques of
photography to do so. He starts off with using special effects to create the
world. Then he uses lighting to set moods and call our attention. Lastly, he
uses scenery to add emphasis to the movie.

effects and editing is the base of all the Star Wars movies, and for the time
period of Revenge of the Sith Lucas’s special effects were a complete success.
Now maybe today they would be considered subpar by today’s standards, but Lucas
accomplishes something that other directors before him could not. Being able to
use special effect enough to be able to have a whole universe that had
contacted with one another

with special effect, he used costume and makeup to create characters who we
know do not exist in the real world – like Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew), and
another character like Yoda (Frank Oz) where completely CG. This is the reason
why this movie is so captivating because we connected not only the human
characters but those who are made up. It brings a new life to the movie and a
different tone as it takes on high fantasy.

plays such an important part in the entire saga, it is literally a symbol of
good and bad. Lucas uses it to put emphasis on people who we should trust
almost giving away the movie without actually doing so. For example, Chancellor
Palpatine is always either in the dark or wearing dark clothing. Especial when
he is doing his evil bidding. The Jedi tend to wear light colors well and stay
in the light. Their faces tend to be well lit and give us a feeling of safety.
They use light warm colors like blue and greens in their Lightsabers to show
peace and remorse. However, Skywalker is dressed completely differently he
wears an all-black robe and uses a blue Lightsaber. Telling us that he is good
but is tempted by the Dark. At many times his face is shaded and can hardly be
seen, while the face of the person next to him is bright and lighted. This
mostly happens when he is talking to Padme, the reason that he chooses to turn
to the dark side.

played a key role in the film as well. Scenes like the ending fight between
Skywalker and Konbi were displayed in areas of high intensity and danger.
Showing us the reality and effects of the Skywalker. We knew that Skywalkers
discussions would have a lasting effect on his life, but the last fight scene
helps us to understand the impact that it will truly have. As he falls into the
lava we know that he will not die; however, it is there that we realize how he
later ends up in a life-sustaining suit. This calls our attention to the
earlier movies and helps us form a great connection with Darth Vader.

Scenery is used to grab our attention and add emphasis to the movie. Scenery
that is not used so much in movies is refreshing to see, and that is why we get
so excited about seeing the awesome outer-space battles and attacking Wookiees.
Lucas uses objects to get us excited about certain battles, actions, and
decisions. So, that we will pay attention to the most important parts of the

was able to accomplish so much with photography in this film. It was the glue
that made us stay in our seats, and prepared us for what was to come. It helped
us realize the story plan and understand the movie in a more in-depth way. As
well helped us to connect with the certain character, decisions, and actions.


movie was an achievement of excellence when it comes to acting and the people
chosen for parts. As the movie unfolds the actor not only grab our attention
but have us at war with ourselves. Making it hard for us to know who to trust.
As the movie unfolds Lucas shows us that actin is not only a talent of one
person but how that person can act with other people.

were chosen based on the part they would be playing and people like Hayden
Christensen, Ewan McGregor, and Frank Oz Seemed to fit their role perfectly
they acted with energy and trust. These actors not only feed off other’s
success but off their own. Telling the story in a much more intimate way. This
intimacy was the reason that we believed Skywalker’s reason for going to the
Dark Side.

most important part of acting in this film was how Anakin Skywalker chose to
fight his battles. Hayden Christensen was an excellent choice. As he would have
these battles and chose his following action the audience was giving no other
choice to sympathize with him. Lucas exploited the nature of the human mind and
made us as an audience feel his pain. Getting into our minds and setting us for
his final decision. He not only pulled Skywalker to the dark side but as well
he pulled us to the dark side as we found ourselves agreeing with Skywalker
most of the time he did this by showing us both sides of the story. Not only
the friendship that Skywalker had with the chancellor, but as well, showing us
the frustration and hate that he began to develop with the Jedi.

and Lucas worked together to make us understand the confusion in the mind of
Skywalker. This was achieved by showing us the pain of his character fighting
the battle that he had with himself out loud, showing us exactly how he felt
and what he wanted to do by interacting with other characters in the movie.

 Most of these interactions were with Obi-Won
Konbi or Ewan McGregor. Who was Skywalker best friend, mentor, and master. It
was Konbi Job to keep Skywalker in check and help him along the beaten path. As
the two would interact we would understand the battles of Skywalker and
understand them. They were also at times made invalid as Konbi would talk sense
into Skywalker and help the story continue. If it had not been for Kenobi the
story probably would not have made it nearly as far.

 Skywalker also had to interact with Chancellor
Palpatine or Ian Mcdiarmid who the main goal was to draw the conflict and make
Skywalker have those battles that Kenobi had to fix. Every time the two of them
would interact it would bring doubt and hatred into the mind of Skywalker. The
two actors drew a friendship and trust as they worked together which made it so
easy for the doubts to flood the mind of Skywalker.

Lucas had Skywalker interacted with us; we were used as almost a third actor.
This was to makes us feel for the young Jedi. As we began to interact with
Skywalker we had no want to let him down or upset him. He was the hero of the
movie and the person that we can connect the most with. This is why his
betrayal hurt so bad, because not only did we have this connection with him,
but we knew what was right. So, when he decides to do the wrong thing it was
almost if we had lost a good friend. However, his choices his choices start to
anger us when he kills young Jedi in the Temple.

was the true goal of Lucas because he needed us to hate Skywalker, so that are
feeling towards Darth Vader would be the same as before. Lucas accomplished
tying in the story with its prequels by making us feel angry. Hoping that we
would hate Darth Vader for the person that he is.


Dramatization is probably the most important aspect of Star Wars Revenge of the
Sith. Lucas had to not only tell a story but had to create a whole new world to
do so. We as an audience are so used to the fact that Stars Wars is full of
drama and action and Lucas had to live up to the bar that he had already set with
the last couple movies. As well I think that this movie is probably the
greatest example of dramatization ever. Because Anakin Skywalker is not at war
with just himself, but with the Chancellor and Jedi counsel as well.

all started the frustration of Skywalker with the Jedi Council. It shows that
he probably is going to choose the dark side if it is presented. He is shunned
by the council time after time. As he reacts with anger and aggression with all
of them; he cannot understand why they are hesitant to let him take on
responsibility. This drive a wedge between him and the light side of the force,
he thinks that he knows better, and the council does not understand what needs
to take place.

the same time, Skywalker is interacting with the council he is also interacting
with the chancellor, part of a secret mission the Jedi Counsel gave him;
however, the Chancellor is more respecting of Skywalker and his needs. Giving
him important tasks and jobs, understanding why he is angry and giving him a crutch
to lean on when he is angry. It makes him feel like he is needed and that he is
not just a pawn like he is with the council.

Causes Skywalker to almost undergo an identity crisis he begins to become at
war with himself. He has a nightmare of his wife dying during labor and cannot
imagine life without her. He will do anything to save her, but he does not know
where to turn or who to trust. He wants to make the right choice and not mess
up, but in his mind, he is to confused to do so.

he makes his decision to join the dark side, it was more accepting of him. As
the Jedi push him away the Chancellor brings him in telling him all the things
that he wants to hear. They may not be a hundred percent true, but it is enough
to get him to believe that it is going to work in his favor.

was Lucas’s main goal he wanted not only Skywalker to believe in the
Chancellor, but us as well. He uses Dramatization so that we will understand
Skywalker dilemma and not judge him for his decisions. He exploits our sympathy
for Skywalker so that the story is believable.


Lucas Star Wars Revenge of the Sith
really makes us feel the darkness of Lucas. The Star Wars saga normally took us on a high fantasy adventure of the
Jedi code; however, Revenge of the Sith shows
us a different side of Lucas. Lucas Is Quoted say “I was in a bad place” (qtd
in Ravalli). Ravalli also explains that it had a direct impact how he wrote and
directed movies; and even made is so the Motion Picture Association of America
created a whole new rating in the movie industry (pp.694). This film is an
excellent example of that. Lucas truly shows another side of him in Revenge of the Sith.

the bad guy as the main character; however, this is not normally done Lucas
still accomplished that we sympathized with him even though, that normal we
would not have done so. It was a fantastic movie that exploits every possible
place of the high fantasy world, to keep the audience glued to the screen.
Action and drama never runs out because of the countless varieties of conflicts
that character have with Skywalker.

this Lucas is able to explain not only how Darth Vader came to be, but the famous
quote “Luke I am you Father” (Lucas… Empire Strike Back). Showing the audience
that Luke’s father was once a good man who was overpowered by darkness to save
his family. Doing this Lucas puts together the greatest and most well- known
movie saga ever made. He uses Revenge of
the Sith to not only explain the saga, but to complete the untold story of
one of the most important characters ever thought of in Star Wars.

Revenge of the Sith, was
Lucas’s masterpiece, and Lucas himself says in an interview about the movie”It’s
the missing link… once its there it is complete and I am so proud of that”(qtd in
Windolf). Without this film Star Wars would
feel like it has and empty void, and would not make complete sense.

conclude Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
is probably one of the best films every written. It helps the audience understand
the rest of the saga and understand the hatred that we have had for Darth Vader
since the very beginning. Lucas accomplishes this through a verity of different
method; however, his use of Mise en Scene, Photography, Acting, and
Dramatization are the reason for the success of this high fantasy classic.




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