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Luge 2018Why is Luge an interesting sport to watch in the winter Olympics?that is the question you can answer by the end of this report, let’s find out. The luge was first played in 1870 but luge wasn’t a sport in the winter Olympic until the XIII Olympic winter games hosted by Lake Placid, New York, the United States in 1980. In the Olympic, the luge is played on a track of ice. The 2018 winter Olympic is located in Pyeongchang, South Korea and luger are competing in The Alpensia Sliding Centre This place is were bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton race.The Alpensia sliding centre is located in Alpensia Resort, South Korea, in the district of Pyeongchang. The sled used by luger can go really fast and could be very dangerous and can lead to injuries or even death! Canada’s Luge Team          The Canadian Olympic luge team will be competing in the Pyeongchang Olympic on February 10-15.there will be four events Men’s singles, Doubles, Women’s singles, Team Relay.this year eight Canadian will compete in the Olympic luge event(Alex Gough, Brooke Apshkrum, Justin Snith, Kimberley McRae, Mitchel Malyk, Reid Watts, Samuel Edney, Tristan Walker). Canada is not in the top ten medal table and has only won a bronze medal in 2014 but that’s only because of Russia “The upgrade is a result of Russian athletes being stripped of medals over doping allegations.” Canada’s best game was at the 2014 Olympic located in Sochi where there were three fourth-place but came in third after Russia got disqualified in the women’s singles (Alex Gough), the doubles (Tristan Walker and Justin Snith) and the team relay (Alex Gough, Sam Edney, Tristan Walker and Justin Snith).currently, there has been no death in the Canadian luge team in all 22 Olympic games. Alex Gough is one of the Canadians that will be participating in the winter Olympic she was born on may 12 1987, she is 30 years old and her hometown is in Alberta. Alex Gough has participated in the most in the most Luge event in the winter Olympic. Canadian luger wears uniforms mostly blue, white and black.The color of the Canadian sled used for luge is almost all red.The EquipmentThe athletes wear boots called booties they are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic. Racer also wear racing gloves made of leather, gloves also have spikes on them which helps the racer grips onto the ice and propel the sled. To be protected from the cold weathers and injuries racers wear helmets with face shield. Racers also wear neck strap, these are used to keep the racers head up under high G-force.”The racing suit, Also known as a speed suit. The skin-tight uniform that is designed to reduce drag.” the last equipment Athletes use in luge is the sled,”The basic components of a sled are two runners, two sheets of steel, two bridges and a pod seat. The sled rides on the two steel pieces. The steels are attached to the runners, which respond to the athlete’s slight leg movements. The two runners are connected by the two bridges. The athlete sits in the pod seat. There are no braking devices.”Medals    Georg Hackl a Germany Athlete that plays luge has retired in 2006, he is 51 years old and is the most successful luger in the Olympic. The Athlete who won the most medal consecutively is Armin Zoeggeler in Italy he is the only racer that won one medal in six consecutive Olympic event age 44 and born on January 4, 1974. The country that won the most luge medal is Germany which has 31 gold, 23 silver, and 21 bronze. Italy has won 7 gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze and is placed second in the Olympic luge ranking. the third country in the Olympic ranking chart is Austria winning 5 gold, 7 silver, and 7 bronze. After Austria comes Russia, United States of America and Latvia. At the start of a luge race, there are two handles which racer rock back and forth to make momentum and begin their race. The racer then propels him/herself with the spiked gloves through the first ten feets before laying down on the sled.once the racer has finished the race Luge is “timed using photoelectric sensors at the start and finish. The setup has a light transmitter/receiver pair at each end of the run.” ConclusionLuge is a very interesting sport. The speed, the cold and the risks make luge a very difficult and dangerous sport but it can also be very fun. Racers are very brave to go down a track of ice at 140km/h with little protection. Canada will be one of the countries that will participate in the 2018 Winter Olympic and can potentially win their second medal for luge.Athletes wear very little protection during the race because wearing heavy armor will increase the drag, therefore, slowing down the racer down. The most successful luger is Georg Hackl he has won Germany a lot of medals during his service, making him an important part of Germany’s team. Now that I have taught you a little bit about luge you can finally answer the question. Why is Luge an interesting sport to watch in the winter Olympics? What do you think?

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