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Maggie Zhang
Mrs. Lefeld
Honors English 9
12 February 2017

Do you ever feel that your wallet or your pockets are heavy and filled with unnecessary pennies? Many countries around the world including Canada and Australia, have gotten rid of the penny. Whether the U.S. should eliminate the penny or keep it in circulation has been a controversial problem over the years. Pennies should be taken out of circulation because they are a waste of time, money, and resources.
Starting off, the pennies are a waste of time and useless. Imagine the amount of time consumers spend searching through their pockets for the exact change so they do not end up with more pennies than they had. Think about how long a day cashiers have to wait for customers to give them the correct change. These wasted time accumulate over the course of time. According to The Spruce, “average Americans waste 2.4 hours handling pennies or waiting for people who handle them each year” (Headley). Pennies may have been useful 100 years ago, when people could buy a train ticket with. In modern days though, people can not even buy a piece of candy with a single penny. The Spruce also stated that “many stores across the U.S. have jars with “Leave a Penny, Take a Penny” for customers who does not want they pennies (Headley).

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