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Management and Leadership
Management and leadership are two very different things although they are still closely linked and should always be accompanied by one another.

Management is more maintenance and task driven while leadership is more development and goal orientated. Management focuses on organization, a manager gives out jobs and tasks and keeps stability within a company. Leadership focuses on keeping people motivated and inspired, leaders tend to be people orientated and prone to change rather than stability
There are a variety of different management types, some of these include:
• Pacesetting management
• Participative management
• Directive management
• Coaching
All these different types have different characteristics. Pacesetting management focuses more on standards. A pacesetting manager would be aware of the level of a persons’ performance and would expect them to be at the same standard or level as themselves. They want others to do or be the same as them and want the same standard throughout. The pros of this type of management are that the standards are high and they achieve results to a high level. The cons would be that this management type id demanding and would not be suited to a group or person that is not capable of knowledgeable enough to complete the task or project being given
Participative management is a style that involves everyone’s participation, it is relationship based. Managers of this style tend to be open-minded and are aware of their team’s thoughts and ideas. They will take others into consideration and are open to feedback to better the company they are involved with. The pros of this style are that it is encouraging and due to the increase in ideas and thoughts from all parties it can be very creative and innovative. Cons are that it can cause problems with decision making and it can be overwhelming for the manager.
Directive management is a style that is direct and instructional. This style is one that involves staff or subordinates being given a task and being told how it has to be done. A manager who uses this style may not be very open-minded and is very straight to the point. Pros of this style are that it gets results and get work done the way you intended. Cons are that there is no room for uncertainty and it has to be exact.

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