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Many people ask themselves this question everyday in the U.S, should the driving age be raised to 18? Many people believe that the driving age shouldn’t be raised due to a lot of 16 year olds who depend on themselves and depend on their drivers license. A lot of people believe that it should be raised and blame the young drivers for the accidents that happen. Majority of 16 year olds drive themselves from and back to school or work. But there are 2 sides to this topic, the pros and the cons, what do you think? My research mainly consists of four sections. The first section is the introduction; the second section is the body which consists of three subsections. In the first subsection, I will write about countries that allow 16 year olds to drive, in the second one I will write about countries that don’t allow 16 year olds to drive and in the third one I will write about the pros and cons of driving at the age of 16. The third section is the conclusion which includes a summary of the whole research, and the last section is the bibliography which includes the resources I used to conduct my research. I gathered the information for my research from different sources including the internet and several books. After that I summarized and paraphrased the information needed for my research.
Many parents may have more important tasks and may not have enough time to drive their teenagers to school or to wherever they want to go.  If the age limit is changed to 18, then that will not stop accident rates of young drivers because they all start on the same page whether its a 16 year old or an 18 year old. One of the greatest teenager moment is when you get your driving license, many teenagers can have their own freedom after obtaining their driving license. This can increase the responsibility of a teen, teens will learn quickly to look out for their own safety, as well as for the safety of the people around them. The International Debate Education Association website state that even if the driving age was raised to 18, teens may still be unsafe drivers because they would still be inexperienced. Countless amount of teens in the US struggle with trust issues and with trusting themselves, this helps them to trust themselves while driving and shows them that they are in control of what they are doing. For most teenagers, having a car meant that you have the freedom to go wherever you wanted. This is great for a lot of teenagers that do not want their parents driving them to wherever they wanted to go, because they think it embarrasses them. Also, they can drive themselves to save their parents trouble and money since they don’t have to pay for drivers and they will be responsible for their own gas.Teenagers will want to go out to lunch or dinner with friends and not have their parents have to take them. So having a car at 16 years old is like having the world in the palm of your hands. Yes they should drive. most people have experience when they are young because they are interested in how they control the car. Also many teenagers are aware of whats going on due to the technology these days. But it does depend on who’s earning it,If they are young enough they won’t be able to raise enough money to buy the car. And if they are older they get more not mature but if you wait it won’t help because they still will get influenced by their friends.
The people that believe the driving age should be raised to 18 assume that teenagers are not mature and responsible at that age in this generation, they assume that with responsibility comes maturity and that 16 year olds haven’t proven that yet. But even thought the driving age has been raised, it will still not make a difference in the accident rates because the experience that a 16 year old has, will be the same experience that an 18 year old will have since they both are inexperienced drivers. Insurance for 16 year olds is very expensive, and not every 16 year old can afford it. Insurance for 16 year old males is even more expensive than for females.If your son or daughter gets high grades in school, then the insurance company can trust them into not getting themselves in an accident. So a student with high grades cuts insurance costs. When a teenager actually has a car under his/her name, the price also goes way high up. This does depend on what year and model the car is, for example a Ferrari would be more expensive than a BMW. Finding a good, safe car for your teenager to drive at a reasonable price is very difficult. Add the price of the car on top of the insurance cost and you have a lot bills flooding your mailbox in no time. One of the most important questions you will ask yourself when deciding whether or not you will buy your teenager a car is “Can I trust them?”. Think about how much money you will be spending on the car, and if you can trust them with something that expensive. 16 year old drivers get in accidents all the time, because they think they can do anything and control everything in their car. Will you trust your teenager with an investment this big?. Teens text and drive and put themselves and other people surrounding them in danger. Teens are increasing car accidents. They are also increasing their injuries. They don’t know the consequences that come with driving and having a license. A lot of teens just want a car to drive, they don’t really drive the proper way . Since technology is such a big part of every teenagers life, they will get distracted while driving and get either a ticket or in a car accident.
Not all countries agree on the same thing, In some countries 16 year olds can legally drive and get their license, but in other countries they have raised it to 18 or even 21. The driving age in China is 18. Unlike some countries that will allow drivers outside of the country to use their driver’s licenses from their countries, China requires a local driving permit or a Chinese driver’s license and without it you will not be able to legally drive. The test for a Chinese driver’s license demand answering 100 questions which are given in Chinese. Translators are permitted for those who don’t speak Chinese. You will have to answer all these questions correctly to have the acceptation to legally drive in china.Violating traffic laws in China can result in immediate jail time without a trial or any explanation, so be sure to follow the laws. There is no seat belt law in China, but cell phone use is banned and its one of the strictest rules . Road signs are likely to be in Chinese which is hard for foreigners, though some are also in English on major highways. This is one of the reasons why china has raised their driving age to 18.Traffic in China is chaotic. People should definitely not expect vehicles to stop at red lights, as motorcycles and bicycles normally go through red lights without slowing down or stopping. Furthermore, do not expect only people walking on sidewalks, as motorcycles and bicycles (and the occasional four-wheel vehicle) regularly zoom along the sidewalk as if it was just another lane on the road. However, with all this, and not to allow this type of road behavior, there are fewer accidents that e may expect given this insane chaos, mainly because people often do slow down if they see you and china is known for having a big population. China is one of the hardest driving test to pass due to a lot happening, also chinas roads are always very busy so that will be a big disadvantage to new drivers, China has raised their driving age to 18 since 18 year olds are more mature and know how to handle hard situations and not struggle.

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