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Many recreation activities pose the
risk of accidental injury and mostly children are more expose to these injuries
because there are still growing and often unaware of their own limitations
(David Lander, n.d.). In addition, falls are the most common type of
physical injury that give harm to children and requiring medical care. Younger
children age 5 to 9 are most often injured on playgrounds while children age 9
to 12 are most likely to be injured during organized sport (Alberta Health Services, 2017).
Giulia, Fahra, and Kate, (2010) stated that leading causes of injury for kids
that result in death are drowning, motor vehicle crash, suffocation, suicide
and homicide. Motor vehicle crash is the leading cause for ages 5 to 19 years
while very young children are at higher risk of drowning. Injury hospitalization
for all ages are cause of falls. Globally, drowning is a leading cause of death
amongst children and young people. One of the most important factors in
preventing injuries during children’s activities is the regular observation and
supervision of the children. Injuries on playgrounds often occur while a child
is climbing, swinging or sliding (Cheng, et al., 2001).


Little found that children
mainly engaged in lower level risk behaviours and that parents predominantly
supervised their child’s play passively and provided encouragement,
instructions, physical support, and modeling to support their child’s play,
rarely intervening to prevent risky play. Lack of supervision has been found to
be a contributory factor in drowning deaths of 0–18 year olds in non-United
Kingdom (UK) research studies (Purnell and McNoe, 2008). Parents may
over-estimate a child’s ability
to stay safe in water and underestimate the dangers of the water itself. Supervision
is an important parenting skill beyond reducing drowning risk. It needs to be
balanced in terms of age, stage of development (e.g. accounting or any learning
difficulties or conditions such as autism), risk taking and need for
independence (Sarah,, 2016).

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