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Many people say there is a benefit to chewing gum during tests, but is there really?  They say that it can help you focus and help you remember things better. There have been many studies done on it and there have been mixed results but for the most part it has proven to increase test scores by a few points.
One of the studies is one where 224 undergraduate students were divided into three separate groups. One group chewed before the test and during the test, one chewed five minutes before the test, and one didn’t chew any gum at all. Then the researchers handed them different tests to test their brain power. 
The results came out as the ones who chewed before were better overall grades and the ones who chewed during were worse because more brain power was being put towards the chewing and towards thinking. Chewing gum is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure, sending more blood to the brain for a total of about 15 to 20 minutes. 

The test takers who chewed gum the whole time didn’t demonstrate this change. The analysts think the additional thinking it takes to really chew the gum detracts from the brains focus to take the tests, so the advantages of pre-chewing don’t appear in test scores. This could clarify why aftereffects of past investigations have appeared to be changed 
Since the members were told to chew the gum, it could be an issue that they were thinking about it somewhat more than they would be regularly. When your chewing gum in a regular circumstance, you’re not considering it much as now so it wouldn’t take as much mental ability as it would on the off chance that you were contemplating it the whole time.
The main thing the gum does is “wake up” the brain. It sends increased blood flow to the brain and causes you to be able to focus and pay attention better. There is some evidence that chewing gum helps you focus, pay more attention, increase alertness, and increase reaction time. 
In another study on the effect of chewing gum on the brain the experiment included 38 people who were split into two groups, each of which performed a 30-minute task that involved listening to a list of numbers from one to nine read aloud in a random order. The participants were scored on how accurately and quickly they were able to detect a sequence of odd-even-odd numbers, such as seven-two-one. One group chewed gum while doing the task.
Overall, participants who chewed gum had quicker reaction times and more accurate results than those who didn’t chew gum. This was especially true toward the end of the task, according to the study, which was published March 8 in the British Journal of Psychology.
Have you ever been having a conversation and completely lost your train of thought after hearing your cellphone go off? this could be because un expected events can surprise you and cause you to lose your focus on the topic you were thinking or speaking about
While the reaction is physiological, you can work to strengthen your focus so that the smaller distractions don’t cause full stops in your thinking. chewing gum has been tested many times to help not lose focus as easily. it has been pretty much shown every single time you get a better test score when chewing gum before the test, but not during the test for if your chewing it during the test it can make you focus on the chewing more than on the work so you could be easily distracted by the littlest of things such as something as simple as chewing. 
There are many reasons some may have worse focus than others one of them being stress. if your mind is always stressed about whatever you’re doing next it can be hard to focus on the task at hand. another thing is a good nights sleep. many people struggle to do this whether it be because of school or work they stay up late at night working on homework or finishing up work and don’t get enough rest. and probably the biggest thing is the foods you eat. If you’re not eating the right foods then it can fog up your memory and make it even harder to stay focused.
In conclusion it has been proven that gum can be used to increase test scores and even help you focus more. There have been many studies on it such as the ones above and most of the time they come out in favor of it helping. 

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