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Marcela de Cala ‘Altea Collection’ blossoms in the charming scenery of
Altea, one of the coastal towns of the Costa Blanca, in Spain. The excusive
beauty of this Spanish romantic site has shaped the natural state of elegance
of the bridal line we had envisioned for this collection.

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Our wedding dresses are fluid and graceful like the shores of the bay,
candid like the white houses of the town, romantic and bucolic like the flowers
that enrich the streets of Casco antiguo, immense and vaporous like the
waves of a barely ruffled Mediterranean Sea. The city is a rainbow of colors
that come together and give life to the whiteness, the white of the gowns, a
color symbol of purity, spirituality and divinity.

Marcela De Cala has blended the finest textiles of lace, silk and satin for
the hot summer days, fabrics with refined patterns that recall the cobbled
streets of Altea or the decorative elements of the sea, enhancing simplicity
and elegance at the same time. A dream inside a dream. These magnificent gowns
were envisioned for the bride who wants to awe and feel glorious for the most
important special day of her life.

The line will be launched in the WORLD OF FASHION event during the Rome
Fashion Week on January 28th. Official invitations will be sent out soon.

Marcela De Cala:

Marcela De Cala is a Spanish couture design house of luxurious wedding
dresses available across numerous top-tier fashion boutiques around the

Marcela de Cala was born on the Mediterranean coast, the Malaga
coastline, where mar y cielo (sea and sky) meet and give a sense of infinity
just like the gowns created for our flawless brides.

Although its recent appearance on the international scene, Marcela De Cala
has grown rapidly and affirmed itself worldwide thanks to the combination of
long experience, creative flair and remarkable intuition for the brides’

We commit ourselves to our brides’ wishes, feelings and tastes in order
to provide them with something peculiar, individual and exceptional. We
constantly seek for the most fascinating designs, peace of beauty unavailable
anywhere else, to allow each bride to feel like a precious and rare jewel.

The ceaseless quest for uniqueness has brought Marcela De Cala together,
where a team of fashion designers and experienced couturiers work side by side
to meet the customers’ requests for more. Our atelier is a place of continuous
learning, where new concepts, fabrics and designs are explored and where
creations that blend the classic with the modern are born. A place where a
bride’s dream comes true.

In the endless blue of the Mediterranean sea, the whiteness of the Cala
Lily flower stands out for its purity, light and magnificent beauty. Where the
sea and sky unite and share their deep blueness, there you will find Marcela de
Cala, luxurious beauty for the modern bride.



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