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Marjane Satrapi has evolved over time of the book, she turn into aggressive persons. As she have to working her way through the struggle that she face. So she become more aggressive than at the start of the book.
The coming of age is a the main factor that she change. She have to under goes a process of intense moral growth and self expression. For a work to be considered a main character must progress from childhood to adulthood, leave home to under go a journey and develop a more mature understanding of her self and her belief. Throughout the book, she has to suffer from the isolated and stress from the environment and people around her. So she have to gone through pretty rough time, she decided to try doing drug in order to help her cope with the isolation. The drug turn her into aggressive and self esteem person. Marjane begin Persepolis as a child and at the end of the chapter she state her independence from her mother and father through the the smoking a cigarette. She also start to experiments with sex, drugs, finding friends, and losing them. she also lives in a different types of environment. After trying different things, she start to become homesick and she get the stress and depress. So she start to sleep on the street by herself and she get sick to the point that she almost death. After she experienced near death, then it make her feel like moving back to Iran to live with her family. Overall she has change a lot during the start of the book to the end.

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