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Zuckerberg is one of the most popular and successful person. At his early age,
he got the success and money with Facebook within no years. Facebook was a
small project which he started in his college’s dorm room. He was completely passionate
and indulged in his project that he could see anything that comes in his way.
He became world’s most successful youngest billionaire in no time because of
his passion and strategies. He thinks like a future predictors i.e. believed in himself which is the most
important thing for starting any start up or project.  So if we evaluate his strategies which lead
him to the path of success so these will be
Willing to Take Criticism: When Facebook
was launched as a social network in February 2004, where people can connect
with each other without any hustle . Facebook suffered with few setbacks after
its launch. Privacy and Confidentiality issue was there because of which it was
banned in few countries. In this hard time Mark Zuckerberg and his team didn’t panicked
and remained mindful and hopeful for facing any challenge that will come
is a great risk taker and always knows
his mission and direction”
Have Faith:  Mark and his team added a new feature
named Newsfeed, where people can
share their feelings, update their activities etc.  People really didn’t welcome this feature
with open arm as again privacy issues were there. Bad words were used on
Newspaper and students were also camped out in front of their office, situation
got pretty bad that every bad had to sneak out from the back door. Hence
despite all of this Mark and his team had faith that this feature can do
wonders and yet now it is one of the pillar feature of Facebook. He always Tests the features with the focused
group sampling.
Build a Team with the perspective
that we need them i.e. for long term. Trust
and Alignment on Values is the most important thing for him in a team.  Mark was of the view that we should hire
always those who are better than you. If we want to differentiate between good
companies and great companies, then we can only do it with the psychology and
way of hiring people.
Usually people think that strategies mean something tough and indifferent but
no Mark has simple strategies which made him the world’s youngest successful
man in the world.  He was not chained to
his desk. According to him, one should not work beyond his capacity level but
yes thinking is something which one can do and this is the most important thing
which we required so win-win situation is there.
He was focused towards his objectives, goals and mission.  When time was too hard on him, he never
reacted or panicked but yes he was tensed. He believes one should not react but
act in his/her difficult time. Always listens to their employees and correct him.
In his whole life, he was never afraid of making mistakes because he knew
people do make mistakes and they learn from them, so one should definitely make
mistakes. “Mistakes are the new eye
opening path towards something innovative.”

actually took a calculated Risk back then i.e. in 2012, Mark had taken few bold
moves and public his company. Acquired Instagram and Whatsapp for 1 Billion
dollars and 19 Billion dollars respectively.

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we talk about one of his core strategy which is the base of his success is that
always takes responsibility of his actions and does not act without knowing the
consequence of his actions”.

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