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Modernize. Web design trends are constantly evolving and you need to keep up. Multi-colored text was cool in the late 90’s but is definitely out of the picture today. Same goes for animated GIF’s. Now it is all about subtleties and classy web design. Minimalism has taken center stage along with sleek Flash designs.
Use Buttons. Give visitors something to push. Always provide your visitors with options. “Go here”, “go there”, “take a tour”, “request a quote”, etc. are all important means of keeping visitors on your site and encouraging them to take some sort of action, whether that be to buy or share your products online.
Don’t make them wait.
Most visitors do not stay on a web page for longer than 3 seconds. If your page does not load in that time, than there is even less of a chance of visitors sticking around. If your pages look great thanks to loads of Flash effects, but take a long time to load, then consider re-doing your Flash graphics to better optimize them in size and load time.

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