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Mohamed AlmazroueiCHALLENGES OF AN AGING POPULATIONAccording to the article, there are many challenges that are associated with the old people, especially in our generation where they are seen to be changing the global economic situation. On a clear note, the writer tells us that the reshaping of the financial position in the world is foreseen due to the low rate of births and the high rate of living aged people something that can be explained well by the kind of shift that has been seen in our population structure. Age dependency increase for this matter has led to fertility exceptions, something that shows that there are many challenges that may affect the global economy (David, 2014). Among others, the dependency which is the mother to persistence in growth and stagnant development is a challenge that has raised eyebrows of late.As it is explained by David, some of the challenges that are foreseen to be faced due to the population structure shifting in the coming years include the slow growth of the economy (David, 2014). The reason here is because the aged people will always draw what they have to live. A simple explanation of this is the increase in the financial interest rates and also the cost of assets due to small saving which is another challenge.  From the article, I understand that when this kind of changes is speculated, then there will be huge effects on the output, which will be low in the economy which will call for a type of compensative productivity to solve the issue. In his argument, he clearly shows us that productivity, savings, and workforce are the significant changes that will be a challenge to cope with in consideration of this kind of population shifting (David, 2014). Such type of age structure with the type of population is very significant on the size of the workforce that is needed for production. In a wider contradicting argument, the author tells that education is another challenge for the old people who are educated will not necessarily work as long as the young ones hence low production. In regard to the discussion on the structural shift in population, saving graces and the legacy of the void also are surge the economic output as it is clearly discussed.               ReferenceDavid Parkins, (2014). Age invaders; Demography, growth, and inequality.  

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