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We very much enjoyed our dialogue with this intelligent and
understated gentleman, Mohd Faris bin Zulkifli. Although he is only 18 years
old, his knowledge on the current issues amazed us. He currently helps his
family business, Faizah Textile a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in selling
clothes made from “batik” while waiting for his application result to enter
university. When the former student of Sekolah Menegah Sains in Kepala Batas
was asked about his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) result, he simply replied “not
bad”. Mohd Faris states that it is difficult to give opinion about Goods and
Services Tax (GST) tax system because he needs time to understand the system
itself. In answering questions regarding the Royal
Customs Malaysian Department (RCMD), he pleased that the body is
approachable and there in no problem in making payments as the procedures is
similar to all tax payments in Malaysia. He also added that the process is
simple and very convenient. Regarding GST, so far, he was clearly upset about
the implementation of GST tax system in Malaysia. He explains that it is not
worth for a business to give a part or 6% of their business’s profit when there
are no benefits in return because the amount given to the government can be
used for other purposes in improving the business.  In anger tone, he said that the effort they
exert in making profits is not worth when there are no benefits outlines by the
government for business implementing GST tax system. He hopes that the regulatory
body or the government can outline the GST tax system’s benefits as references
and if not, he thinks that the system should be put to an end.

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When we are interviewing Miss Eunise Goh, it was one of
those interviews that you struggle to get her response. She is very kind to
receive our interview although it is an inappropriate time as she is closing
the shop’s account for the day. She is an accountant
for SP Mega Home, a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in trading goods to the
public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption also known as
retail. She refused to answer any personal questions as it is not related to
the Goods and Services Tax (GST) tax system. Miss Eunise Goh thinks that GST
tax system is a burden for the small business like them. From time to time, the
system decreases the consumer buying power as the price of goods and services
increases. It is hard to get her attention during the interview and all the
questions asked is replied by “We only follow the rules.”. For questions
relating to the Royal Customs Malaysian Department
(RCMD), she said that the government already provide the guidelines and we
just need to follow them. She added that it is easy if we follow the rules set
by the government. Regarding the problems and challenges experienced so far in
implementing GST tax system, she said that the business experienced no benefits
from GST tax system as mentioned by the government. The business can recover
some of GST tax payment made but it is not enough to show that there is
benefits to earn from implementing the system. She also said that the
remuneration or salary level in Malaysia is low compared to the cost of living
that arise day-by-day. She hopes that the current percentage of 6% GST system
can be lower or better the tax system could be stop. 






Ros Affandy is a great guy. He is easygoing and a very
bright person. He seems energized although he just came out from a meeting with
his clients. His interview was a bit slow to start, as he is so thoughtful and
seemingly bright, yet as things got rolling, he was very open. He is the
accountant for Suria Jerai Electrical Sdn Bhd, a Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
in selling electrical goods and he is the one responsible to register the
business with GST tax system. He is in his early thirties and is a graduate
from University Putra Malaysia in Master in Taxation. Ros Affandy thinks that
Sales and Services Tax (SST) is a better system and more user-friendly compared
to the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) tax system. He said that the new tax
system gives more burden to the low-income earners compared to the high-income
earners. He added that high-income earners have excess money to cover their
additional GST expenses but low-income earners only sufficient to survive for
the month in high tone. Regarding questions related to Royal Customs Malaysian
Department (RCMD), he said that the regulatory body is approachable and always
open for public to ask any questions relating to the tax system. The
registration procedures and the tax declaration are easy to understand and
convenient. For the challenges and procedures, he said that the tax is already
implemented for couple of years but there is information asymmetry between the
government and the public regarding the tax system. The public still do not
understand about the GST tax system and there is no appropriate action taken by
the government to resolve this matter. He also said that Inland Revenue Board
(IRB) should monitor the business around the country regularly because most
business put ridiculously high price for their goods and blame the rising oil
price and do not reduce the price of their goods when the oil price has
dropped. He claimed that most essentials already subject to GST increases the
cost of living and there is no hope for the GST tax system. He hopes that the
government will put a stop to GST tax system and return to old SST tax system.



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