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Moving from one place to another gives you the opportunity to experience many different aspects of life and typically, people like to think getting up and moving to another country is as easy as it sounds, but moving to another country was a life changing experience for me. My mom, my little sister and myself migrated to the United States on September 23, 2017 from our home country, Guyana. We moved so we could obtain a better way of life, have better education and job opportunities and to just solely be in a new environment. However, it definitely was not easy to leave everything behind namely, my dad, my closest friends and the only place I have ever known as home. The thought of my new home made me excited yet fearful- kind of like the feeling you get when you order something online, excited for it to arrive and fearful it wasn’t worth your money. When I stepped off the plane at JFK, everything from the smell of the environment to the bright lights were so different. As we were waiting to go through the immigration process I remembered being so terrified because of rumors i heard that they give immigrants a difficult interview but it turned out to be the complete opposite. The immigration officer was an old, European man that made the process a breeze. The following month I started attending Bulkeley High School which was pretty intense because it was so different from the schools in Guyana. I was escorted to Miss Chirdon’s second period Literature class by an african girl who seemed really friendly. At lunch, the smells of the cafeteria were all different but attractive. By the second day I had made two friends. I grasped things taught to me quickly, things like how the bell schedule works, how my schedule works and how to find the gym. Even though i didn’t quite fit in because of my Indian ethnicity, broken-creole accent and brown skin colour I was comfortable. I adapted my new lifestyle with ease. Being at high school helped me to develop strong communication skills with various types of people, from African kids who came from Africa to spanish kids who came from Puerto Rico. Interacting with different individuals daily became something easy for me to do. Moreover, I learnt and realized that people would have different beliefs and values as I do and i need to respect others for what they believed in, regardless of their skin colour or the language they spoke.Diversity had changes in me in the simplest ways. During a class discussion in History, I voiced my answer expecting it to be correct but while listening to my peers, i realized my answer was wrong. I never saw the ideas the way my peers saw them, this made me feel sort of embarrassed by my answer. This experience taught me to consider ideas and concepts from all different views before voicing an opinion about them. The education of diversity have manifested itself in me. By synthesizing different experiences with different people I have improved my personality. In my future environments I intend to communicate opinions with others openly and build knowledge by expressing morals. As months went by, i grew to love my new home. I learnt that you should not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and to accept changes.

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