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Mt. Washington was first formed in New Hampshire by giant glaciers over 50,000 years ago. During the passing time and changes in weather the mountains aren’t as tall as they used to be, but the question is how? How did erosion, deposition and climate form the mountain we see today? Also how does the exordiary climate of Mt. Washington affect the people who live in that area?
Erosion, deposition and the climate all helped form the Mt. Washington we know today, but how? Well, first of all the climate is one of the most important factors for both deposition and erosion to happen. As I’ve stated before, Mt. Washington was form by glaciers but they didn’t just appear out of thin air, its most likely that the glaciers were from somewhere far away. The glaciers were formed by snow that has been in the same place all year around leading to all of it piling up, and every time it snowed the new sheet of snow compressed the one below it causing causing the snow to slowly compact and increase in density. As for how the glaciers moved, years passed so the glaciers must have slowly moved to the place they are now. In a science term that would be called deposition, which is that action of which sediments, soil and rocks are added to a landform or land mass by any agent of weathering in this case it believable that gravity caused the movement of the glacier. The erosion of Mt. Washington began the movement the mountain began to form, one of the key forms of erosion happening is water erosion. Water erosion can lead to glacial erosion and the creation of rivers/streams, and the rivers/streams will move loose pieces of rocks leading them to crash into other rocks causing them to break down, water erosion. can also cause ice wedging by the water getting into the cracks of the rock and as water freezes the ice forming will expand causing the pressure within the rock to be to great and making the rock split into pieces.
The climate Mt. Washington can affect the people in many ways due to its quickly changing weather. So as for now i’ll be focusing on how it affects people in the area when its cold. Just beneath the summit of Mt. Washington there is permanently frozen ground, and the lowest temperature ever recorded was -47 degrees. So due to this it’s clear to believe that the surrounding area is similar in temperature, if not a little more warm, but there still are many troubles that the cold weather can cause. For example because of snow piling up an avalanche could occur and the cold weather isn’t good for a person’s health in general, it could put psychological stress on your body, cause you to lose weight and give you a heart attack. Also the cold weather could hinder the ability of kids going to school which would affect their learning.
Mt. Washington is an amazing landmark in the U.S. It makes New Hampshire a special place, it’s something that brings a lot of tourists from far and wide. Mt. Washington was amazing thing that was created by simple glaciers 50,000 years ago. It will always be changing as the passage of time continues. Mt. Washington is very
special to the U.S. , it affects the people and land around it.

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