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Music is widely used and plays an essential part in everyone’s lives. Its popularity keeps growing juristically from year to year. music has been made and used since the world began. music has a positive impact on our mood and emotions.
First of all, music helps people to feel less sad or happy as people can usually relate to the lyrics or the beat of the song. people usually become more happy and cheerful by listening to happy songs or even sad songs where everyone can relate to the lyrics and understand what the artist is trying to say. It makes you feel like you are not alone and that someone has been on the same situation that you have been in.
Also, there are millions of genres and styles of music. Slower or sad music helps people to calm down and to think. In the other hand, fast or upbeat music helps to motivate people to strive for what they want to do and accomplish. For example, people listen to slow music while doing schoolwork or studying and motivational before or during a workout or athletic event you would like to excel in.
Lastly, according to BBC News, music also releases happy hormones into our brain and decreases the sad hormones. That allows us to enhance our mood and motivation levels. it also helps people to overcome mental or physical problems, such as depression or a broken or pulled bone or muscle.
In conclusion, music plays a giant role in almost everyone’s lives. It does not only help us to focus and do better but also lift our mood and make us happy in times that get hard and tough. So next time you are sad or have any problems in life just remember, music

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