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My life ever since I can remember has always been majorly influenced by society and the social environment that I live in. The way in which the society has changed during my life has moulded and developed me into the individual that I am today. This has then sparked an interest in sociology for me as I began to think of how my future was determined by certain individuals of authority, but also how as individuals we can overcome this. The Society also plays a very important part in my life, it provides the standards, guidelines, and values that I as an individual observe and practice into my daily life. Sociology has given me guidance and understanding to the parts of society and my environment that are insignificant to me to that which is of great importance. Since a very young age, I have been deeply interested in topics such as crime, social relationships, interaction, and culture just to name a few. As well as Sociology, my interest in crimes and criminal behaviour led me to develop an interest in Criminology. For me studying Sociology and Criminology as a joint honours is a great opportunity as the topics throughout both the subjects affect one another. Growing up in a society with ongoing political battles that are always changing has made Sociology and Criminology two meaningful subjects that I find fascinating and therefore wish to learn more about at university. Throughout my time in Secondary school and College, I have spent my time volunteering for  Keech Hospice and also taken part in the National Citizen Service. This has improved my communication skills as it has allowed me to communicate with people of all different ages and backgrounds, and has also helped to improve my confidence. As I am currently working for Menzies Aviation at London Luton Airport, it has taught me the importance of interpersonal skills, independence, and teamwork. As a check-in agent, I have come across different customers every day and have experienced dealing with difficult situations in a professional manner. It has also given me the chance to communicate with individuals from many different countries worldwide and to become familiar with various cultures.In my spare time, I enjoy reading crime novels and watching crime dramas as well as reading various different books. I am an eager and determined individual and I feel that my qualities and passion for both subjects will be my drive towards success.  Above all, I look forward to studying both subjects within a stimulating environment which will give me the best chance to achieve my full potential and pave the way for a successful career.

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